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I am Ann An
The Zermatt Ski Resort in Switzerland, one of the best snow resorts in the world, has a total length of 360 kilometers and covers an area of Switzerland and Italy. The wide snowy road is like a warm embrace, and the speed is fast and there is no fear that ice and stones will be hidden under the snow.

This is a year-round snow park and skiing in summer.

Night, after the snow field was closed, the snow machine began to silently trim the snowy road. They lit up the headlights and roared out a neat line on the snow. If you are willing to spend an extra 42 Swiss francs, you can also enjoy the special services provided by the snow field. At 7:30 in the morning, you will be the first to destroy the new snow road...
Posted: 11 Mar, 2019
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On another gear train, we came to the starting point of the Wuhu Trail. There are five small lakes on this road, such as amber, scattered in the valley. When it came out of the cable car station, it was hit by the surging autumn colors. Among the rolling hills, the Matterhorn was still proud of the sky, surrounded by pine forests, autumn, and golden in the sun. Walking not far, you can reach the lake of Leisee. The lake is quite large, the lake is crystal clear, and the sleeping stones in the water are different. The Matterhorn carries the boundless autumn colors and reflects in the water. The leisurely tourists are lying or sitting by the lake, breathing the wonderful autumn, soaking in the uniqueness. In the scenery, look at the book and look up at the mountain, enjoying the slow time. Follow the narrow path along the mountainside to the next lake. From time to time, you can meet people walking or even riding on the trails. Among them, there are many young children, walking or riding, walking through the scenery, and also becoming the scenery in our shots. Unknowingly, I met the second lake, Moosjisee, which is small in size, but the water is magnificent, like the same pool of glass, set in autumn. Due to the limited physical strength of the peers, we have only walked along the Wuhu Trail. The latter Grensee, Grindjisee, Stellisee need to walk longer and climb to the steep slope to be seen. It is said that the last lake also has the beautiful reflection of the Matterhorn. This time, it is the best reason to come back to Matterhorn.
Switzerland Travel | Switzerland's most beautiful snow mountain here, don't go see the Jungfrau! - A lot of people mentioned Switzerland, they all went to Interlaken to see the Jungfrau, but Matte Peak please pay more attention! Really don't be too beautiful - may say that Matterhorn is a bit strange, but I believe many people must have eaten the huge, infinitely red-wrapped Swiss triangular chocolate toad (Toblerone), the brand logo and The design inspiration for the styling is based on the Matterhorn. So come to this place and take a picture of Figure 1 to prove that you are here! - If you like hiking friends, I really really recommend everyone to play here, climb the 4478m Matterhorn, walk down the mountain to find the iconic reflection, pick the blueberry Mushroom licking. Along the way, you can also see the exclusive black sheep pheasant in Valais, the soil-fertilized round groundhog, the sprouting cow - route: go to Matterhorn first from Zermatt town, arrive at Matt There are three recommended routes on the way to the Hongfeng Lookout. You can get a map at the train station. Choose the route that suits you. If you don't exercise regularly, choose a gentle one. - Tips: Recommended App: :OBB Swiss Railway:SBB Map:google map Translation Software: A Road Translate Coop weather software: Meteoswiss (must be optimistic about the weather and then climb the mountain) hiking equipment up to the mountain can be purchased and rented, the purchase price is very expensive, it is recommended that you rent in the mountains, the price will be much cheaper.
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