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Things To Do in Birmingham

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GeorgezouVictoria Square is the core area of Birmingham’s city centre and the largest square in Birmingham. Chamberlain Square is right next to it. The sign of the square is the Bathing Girl Hot Spring in the center. There are magnificent City Hall, City Council and Queen Victoria around the square. Like, iron man sculptures, etc. There are many performers and singers in the square, free and open.
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E42***30great family day out and it’s fun to learn about the chocolate and taste all the samples along the tour plus u get free chocolate bars
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Art Museum
M43***62For a smaller town the Art Museum as great. We really enjoyed our visit and would recommend it if you are traveling to Birmingham. Make sure to call ahead to see if they are open.
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M43***62Library Of Birmingham is a superb looking modern building that dominates Centenary Square.My twin brother Stephen and I were heading to The Post Office Vaults Pub and passed this extraordinary building, a relatively modern structure set over several floors , I never ventured inside but saw they had a cafe which I would have visited but my tram was about to leave ,I just loved the look of the library building, very photogenic made for some great photographic opportunities, its easy to locate on Centenary Square and hard to miss such is its size.Well worth checking out if you're in the area
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Teacher James St Martin church is not only beautiful but is a an oasis for where the traders and shoppers alike from the vibrant fresh market can pray and give thanks for the bounty of food that is sold in tbe market.There are cafes where you can get hot traditional English fare.... Scrumptious and filling.
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Featured Neighbourhood
蔡芷涵I woke up in the morning and punched all the way in the small garden behind the house. It was very quiet, the air was good, and there was the sound of birdsong. The fight seemed to feel better than at home. The four of us plan to go to the SAINSBURY supermarket first, and then to Chinatown in Birmingham. Since the navigator was not working well, we could not find a supermarket and decided to go directly to Chinatown in Birmingham. The sun is shining, or passing by a large meadow, or passing by a Gothic church, trees and green cages, perhaps due to lack of manpower, so they have not been pruned. Although the trunk is not very thick, but the branches are luxuriant, it looks full of wild interest. People feel relaxed and happy. I also like all kinds of houses, mostly two-story buildings, with different colors and styles. Although Thames Town has learned this exquisiteness, it does not have this natural and atmospheric. I remembered the pair my friend had said, good mountain, good water, so boring, so dirty, so messy, so lively. When will our town and our village be cleaner and return to the old Jiangnan style. I ate rice bowls in Birmingham Chinatown, 5 pounds 5, and a free drink. In the Rishengxing run by Cantonese, we bought Japanese rice, 14 pounds 20 kilograms. In the indoor market, we bought 3 pounds a kilogram. Of chicken wings, 2 pounds of 7 kilograms of Scottish salmon, and 14 pounds of pork ribs. It seems to be cheaper than the domestic one. The tragedy was that we were fined 25 pounds for parking. We parked in the parking lot. It was self-service. We bought the parking ticket first, and then put the small ticket on the front window. We had tickets, but we didn't know to put them in the front window, but brought them with us. On the way back, we finally found a supermarket and basically bought all kinds of daily necessities. Fruits are cheap. You can buy 7 small oranges or a large handful of bananas for 1 pound of 5, which is full of sweetness, and 6 small apples for 1 pound. Potatoes are also very cheap. A bag of small potatoes for 1 pound is very tender and delicious. The expensive ones are leafy greens, only a little over 2 pounds.