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Alnwick CastleNearby City

Alnwick Castle

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"Ai Wake Castle, also known as Magic Stone Castle, is the main location of the Harry ∙ Porter Hogwarts School of Magic. It was originally a castle inhabited by the Duke of Northumberland Northumberland, and the second largest inhabited castle in England, called Windsor Castle in the North. Every winter, the host and family live in the castle, so winter is closed. There is a Evick Garden inside which is ticketed to enter and is charged separately from tickets to enter the castle and there are times when there is a long queue to buy tickets, so some people will give up the tour to enter the garden. Even if you get tickets to enter, you can only visit for an hour. Into the castle gate, first you can see the vast grass, many children come here, will run, play, have fun. The building is characteristic and classic, with a human-shaped fin on a door, its limbs chained and nailed to the door panel. Next to it was an animal with a head that was squatting, its big mouth open, its long fangs showing as if it were swallowing people. And looking at it, it's kind of scary. In the castle, there are performances regularly, Harry ∙ Porter's performance, and there are bands playing. After entering the gate, there is a sign on the left hand side, with a timetable for the performance attached to it. It is best for everyone to look at it first after entering the door. I have a number in my heart, and then go to the performance venue according to the time. We just missed the great show without seeing the schedule. The band played on the grass, the brisk English music and all the players dressed in traditional English dresses, the scene was worth seeing."
KeswickNearby City


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"Ancient Settlement"
"The Lake District is composed of several lakes scattered in the deep mountains of northwest England. It is a scenery not to be missed when visiting the UK. Traffic strategy: There are several small cities to reach the Lake District by train or drive from Manchester. This time, my choice is to drive to Keswick for two and a half hours. Highlights: Keswick Lake is the smaller one in the Lake District. She is very quiet. In the evening sunlight, the landscape becomes ink, like an ink landscape painting. Walk from the trestle bridge by the lake into the center of the lake, immerse yourself in the natural scenery, forget the passage of time, forget the hustle and bustle of the city. There are cruise ships and small boats on the lake, and it is worthwhile to take you around. What's more, if you have enough time and budget, you can charter a two- or four-seater small plane from Carlisle Airport to travel through the mountains and autumn forests and overlook the lake from the air. If you have enough time, you can start from Keswick and visit many unknown but picturesque, quiet and pleasant rural towns along mountain trails. The experience is absolutely superb. Hotel guide: Keswick has many old hotels, small hotels, and B&Bs, some in the town center and some by the lake. No matter which one you choose, you can experience authentic English country life in this quiet town for a few days. Food guide: There is a great Fish & Chips on the main street in the center of the town. It smells fragrant tens of meters away. There are often long queues. It is worth a try. Little Tips: When traveling in the UK, keep warm no matter what season. . ."