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Phewa Lake
449 Reviews
Phewa Lake, Pokhara 33700, Nepal
258 Reviews
Machhapuchchhre 33700
108 Reviews
Observation Deck
Sarangkot, Pokhara 33700
Peace Pagoda
167 Reviews
Observation Deck
World Peace Pagoda, Kaski

Trip Moments

[Summary of 33 travel experiences: If you can't eat hard, Nepal will make you more bitter] Whether you are traveling with a group or free, combined with my two experiences in Nepal, the following suggestions: / Hh/1, can not backpack the suitcase; 2, can take the micro-single, do not carry heavy SLR; 3, to overcome all the bumps; 4, with a few bags of Laoganma spicy Dish; 5, essential light sleeping bag; 6, don't try the roadside snacks easily; 7, masks, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen can not be less, cosmetics less, unless you don't wear makeup people. 8, cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, stomach tablets, etc. should be prepared; 9, if you bring a small snack like beef jerky, please do not eat in front of Nepalese. The cow is a Hindu god. 10, when you experience paragliding, your legs are straight (especially girls), and the photo will look great, otherwise it will be very ugly. 11, April to September is the rainy season, bring your own umbrella and raincoat. 12, no matter how beautiful you are (girls), prepare light jackets and walking shoes, even if you dont climb on foot, it has a great effect. 13, regardless of the backpack or the tow bag, don't think about changing clothes for a day, the experience will tell you in vain. 14, the hotel hotel is generally not soundproof, light self-prepared earplugs. 15, Kathmandu, Pokhara suburbs have high-end restaurants and hotels, including five-star hotels. Reminder: It is best to bring your own toiletries. 16. If you are going to Chitwan to ride an elephant, please prepare mosquito repellent water. The accommodation environment is basically near the village or the jungle. In addition, there are sometimes geckos entering the room. 17, don't think about eating a good Chinese food in Nepal, although there are, but very few. 18, if you like to eat curry, try local dishes. 20, taking pictures of orphans in Kathmandu, is to give money! ! ! 21, Fewa Lake Cruises After 3 or 4 pm, the experience of immersing in the sunset will make you unforgettable. 22, friends who like sports (such as myself), if you can stay in a hotel with a gym, but don't choose to run at night. The security environment in Nepal, I feel very good, but the city does not have a night running environment, don't let the road ruin your shoes and knees. 23, respect local customs and habits, some temples are forbidden to take pictures, so don't take a sneak shot. In some important places, there will be soldiers guarding. If you sneak a shot and be discovered, the consequences will be very troublesome. [Buy and sell attention] 24, encounter enthusiastic hawkers, if you don't buy, don't entangle with it. If you buy, please boldly bargain. 25, if you want to buy vajra bodhi or phoenix bodhi, don't be blinded by "plastic". 26, Mosang diamond price is very deep, remember not to go to the compatriot shop to buy. 27, Pokhara's wool scarf is cheaper than Kathmandu (Tamil area). 28, on the street selling Bodhi bracelets, if the price of 500 rubles, the final may be 50 rubles, perhaps lower ~ (personal experience) 29, paragliding prices: 300, 500, 600. It seems that the price determines the quality of the experience, such as the length of time, the coach helps you to shoot videos and photos, teach you to pose and safety, etc. There is actually no difference. 30, the shop that can usually pay for Alipay WeChat, all prepared for Chinese tourists, the store will speak more or less Chinese. 31, buy souvenirs do not enter the store opened by their own people, will be pitted; in the shopping shopping street, shop around, slash; 32, local bananas, oranges are delicious. 33, local coffee is good.
Posted: 24 Apr, 2019
The Badgau place is not too big, and it is enough for two hours to stroll around. Just as we walked slowly toward the exit, a series of cheerful voices such as banging drums and drums attracted our attention. I saw a team of young men and women dressed in festive costumes and face-painted, playing with musical instruments or special wooden sticks. There are also instruments in the crowd that are similar to ours, and they are written in everyones Face. Unknown, we rushed to find out what this activity is, and finally know that these days are the God of the Bull Festival, a grand festival in Nepal, has more than 600 years of history. About the Divine Festival, there is such a legend: In the medieval Nepalese royal family, the king was extremely saddened by the death of his loved ones. In order to alleviate the suffering of the king, the kings men ordered that families who had their loved ones died in the past, and on the appointed days, a oxen took to the streets to march, and families without oxen could let the children dress up as cows. On that day, the king saw so many people who lost their loved ones like him, and he was not so sad. Year after year, this tradition has been preserved. People pray for the deceased through singing and dancing, and pray for their loved ones to ascend into heaven as soon as possible. The festival that sounds a little sad is actually a happy celebration. The cute boy saw me holding the camera and immediately jumped and laughed and ran over, making a variety of naughty postures for me to take pictures. He ran too fast, too close to me, and his face was fast on the lens. After I was so confused, I ran back to his team and moved forward cheerfully. Celebration of the team one by one, whenever we feel that it is about to end, there will always be another group of cheerful people from the corner, singing and dancing, the atmosphere of joy is transmitted to each of the presence A person. Compared to the innocence of the children, the boys are obviously more scene-like, and when they see someone taking pictures, they will show a warm smile, and will give you a few seconds to take pictures. Suddenly, one hand stretched out towards my camera, and between my gods, my little friend had been pulled down the middle of the team, and the hahahas had quickly become one. To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed by the moment, I didnt know what they were going to do, but when I saw my little friend laughing happily, I twisted and followed the past. After coming to the team, our people who reached out and summoned us gave us a wooden stick. At this time, we suddenly realized that this is to invite us to mink! Haha, come on, and with their rhythm, according to the gourd painting, so you can still learn music, most drums can still catch up. Whenever we make the same rhythmic movements with them, the applause conveys a kind of beauty and happiness that has never been seen before. I know that although your home was unimaginably damaged in the 425 earthquake, your smile will be as "OK" as your smile and confidence.
Posted: 25 May, 2016 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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