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Things To Do in Tianjin

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D44***88This is a wonderful place to take your family. There are some incredible shows and the exhibits are eye catching. i have gone a couple of times with my daughter and my students.
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_We***31a wonderful tourists location in Tianjin. the boat ride is fantastic. the ride on the eye it self gives you a bird eye view of Tianjin. it is a nice location, go with your lover
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Theme Park
D24***01The park is located in the Binhai district of Tianjin. It is a bit far away. It is a very clean park with a variety of rides and attractions. Flare Meteor is the best ride here. It is worth checking out if you are in Tianjin, but allow a couple of hours to get there from the main city center in Tianjin if you are using public transportation.
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Theme Park
D34***77i live Tianjin, good food, good anvoirament, good accommodation....
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Theme Park
E54***56This aircraft theme park was made around the aircraft carrier originally called Kiev, made in the Soviet Union. It is a great place for a military experience and a unique museum, there is no other aircraft carriers in the world available for visiting. Around the ship there is a park where visitors can buy Russian products and food, souvenirs and clothes. One can get there by taxi from the closest subway station (about 30 minute ride by car).
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Boat Tour
M32***25Depart at 19:30, you can check in at 19:00. The boat ticket for the night tour is 100 yuan, the children under the age of 7 are 10 yuan, there is no free ticket, take the children to remember to buy tickets for the children. I think it is very good at 19:30, from the process of day to night, see the lights on, see the night scene of Tianjin. As a native of Tianjin, it is the first time to see the Haihe from this perspective. Mom and dad also feel very good. They recorded it constantly. The children took the boat for the first time. They have been watching the splash ~ In short, it is a very good experience! The only thing is that the boat may be too noisy, did not hear the explanation, otherwise listen to the explanation tour of the river will know Tianjin more! ! !