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Things To Do in Shenmu

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小芒实Qingming Festival with the baby went to a trip, just in time for the kite festival, a glimpse of the spectacular kite, and also with the children in the East Coast beach to participate in the parent-child competition, jointly won a widow baby, very worth it! Remember that day we bought a package ticket, in addition to flying kites, can also paint with the baby, appreciate the stunt kites flying, so many beautiful kites floating under the sky, it is spectacular, I heard this activity has been a month, if you have the opportunity, take the baby again on the weekend!
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Historical Architecture
梦露夫人I still have fresh memories of Lu Yao's "The Ordinary World", especially the writer Lu Yao, so I specially arranged a trip to the ancient city of Gaojiapu, Shenmu, the filming location of "Ordinary World" in northern Shaanxi. The scenery of the ancient city of Gaojiabao is beautiful, original, unpretentious and quiet. There are not many tourists. The aborigines sit in twos and threes in the courtyard or on the steps, basking in the sun. The ancient walls and towers seem to be talking about Looking at the past of the world... [the scenery] is beautiful. [Interest] High. [Price/Price Ratio] Very high.
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MoinWe went there to take part in Shenmu International tug of war competition. Such an amazing place. The stairs were so much scary but the view from the top of the mountain was splendid. I'd very much like to visit there again
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City Park
扶疏子Xinghuatan Park is located at the southern end of Shenmu County, at the entrance of Shenpan Highway. The park covers an area of 300 mu, including 55 mu of artificial lake and 155 mu of greenery. There are old Ming dynasty buildings such as rock carvings and ancient Xiuyan Temple. Because there are many apricot flowers in the village, it has been called Xinghuatan since the early Qing Dynasty. It is said that during the apricot rain season, the flowers are red and green, the eyes are full of blooming, and the scenery is pleasant. It is one of the eight scenic spots of Shenmu, "Apricot Huazhuyu".
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扶疏子Hejin Temple, also known as Buddhism Temple, was built in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, and it has been more than 400 years. It is located on a boulder in the middle of the river, across the river from the village of Huangshitoudi, the suppression of Shenmu suppression. The monastery sits on the north side and faces south. The original three entrances and eighteen halls, and the more than eighteen temple guest houses behind the hall.
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E34***14A very large and impressive place for a very impressive historical figure. Genghis Khan's body isn't actually buried there, so it's more like a place of remembrance and worship. There's a museum with a very nice painting that goes through the various eras of Mongol history. You can also see (replicas) of Genghis Khan's gear. The original objects were sadly stolen/destroyed by a certain group of people. While the mausoleum is very large and impressive, I think it felt a bit too touristy .

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Xinghuatan ParkYulin,China

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Yingbin SquareYulin,China

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Hejin TempleYulin,China

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Jiulongshan ResortYulin,China

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Hongjiannao WetlandYulin,China

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Gaojiapu Ancient CityYulin,China

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About Shenmu

Shenmu County is located in north Shaanxi, where the three provinces of Shaanxi, Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia meet. It is the site of the “eve of Chinese civilization” - where you can find the Shimao Neolithic archaeological site. Shenmu was also a famous base of operations during the Revolution, and the Shenfu revolutionary base built here is one of the few Chinese Communist Party red bases that was preserved and not destroyed by the enemy. Major attractions include Shen (“Divinity”) Lake, Erlang Mountain, Tiantai (“Heavenly Platform”) Mountain, Longyan (“Dragon Eye”) Mountain, and the Gaojiabao Ancient City.

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