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Are you in need of a spontaneous getaway but worried about the hefty price tags on last-minute flights? Look no further than, Searching for last-minute flights and grab a deal at from hundreds of destinations.

How to get cheap last minute flights on is known for curating exclusive deals and discounts, and you can find the last minute flight availability for your next trip. If you do not have a specific destination in mind? No problem! Make sure to explore our "Deals" section, where you'll find a wide selection of discounted last-minute flights and hotels from weekend getaways to spontaneous adventures. If the travel date & price does not match your schedule, set up price alerts on to receive notifications when prices drop for your preferred travel dates. This way, you can snag those irresistible last-minute flight deals as soon as they become available.

Last minute flights for a city break

Embarking on a last minute travel adventure to an European city is an unforgettable experience. With our extensive network of airlines and partnerships, we offer unbeatable deals on last minute flights to popular European cities for a unplanned weekend city break. Whether you're yearning to stroll along the charming streets of Paris, indulge in the vibrant nightlife of Barcelona, or immerse yourself in the historical wonders of Rome, our affordable flights make your European city break within reach.

Cheap last minute flights to Europe

Grab Cheap Last-Minute Flights to Europe Now! We've got you covered with our unbeatable deals on cheap last-minute flights to Europe adventures! We offer incredible savings on flights to some of the most thrilling and breathtaking destinations in Europe. Whether you're dreaming of steeped history and culture in Turkey, exploring the coastal towns and picturesque countryside of Spain, or diving into the crystal-clear waters of the Cyprus, Tenerife and Ibiza island, our affordable flights make it all possible.

Last minute flights to top destinations around the world

Traveling to top destinations opens doors to unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are elxploring ancient temples in Bangkok, or soak up the sun in Thailand and Australia, or hiking through the breathtaking landscapes of Jamaica, or indulging in the vibrant nightlife of Dubai and New York City, our last-minute flights will take you on extraordinary journeys.

Search and compare cheap last minute flight deal

Our easy-to-use platform allows you to search, compare, and book last minute flights with ease, giving you the flexibility to embark on your adventure at a moment's notice. Visit our website or download our app, or set up a price alert today to start planning your next adventure on a budget!

Please note: Prices and availability are subject to change. Book early to secure the best deals. Happy travels to the top destinations around the globe!

Our top last minute flights to popular cities

Don't miss out on our top last-minute flight deals to popular cities!

Our top last minute flights to Europe destinations

Looking for a last-minute getaway to Europe? Check out our top picks for last-minute flights to some of the most popular destinations in Europe

Our top last minute flights to global destinations

We've curated a list of our top last-minute flight deals to incredible destinations across the globe.


  • Do flights get cheaper close to the date?

    Flights can indeed get cheaper close to the date, but it is not guaranteed. The price of flights is influenced by various factors such as demand, availability, and airline pricing strategies. In some cases, airlines may offer discounted fares to fill up remaining seats as the departure date approaches. However, it's important to note that waiting until the last minute to book your flight can be risky. It's recommended to book flights in advance especially for high demand routes.
  • Can I book flights at the last minute?

    Yes, you can book flights at the last minute but keep in mind that last-minute bookings can be risky. Availability and prices can vary greatly, and it's possible that the flights you want may not be available or may be priced higher due to high demand. That being said, if you are flexible with your travel dates and destinations, and are willing to take a bit of risk, you may be able to find some great deals on last-minute flights.
  • How to get the cheapest last minute deals?

    Getting the cheapest last-minute deals on flights requires some flexibility, persistence, and a bit of luck. Here are some strategies to help you secure the best prices: 1. Be flexible with your travel dates and destinations: 2. Be open to alternative airports 3. Use fare comparison websites and apps 4. Consider booking outbound and inbound flights from different airlines
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