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Nara Park Hotel
3.8/58 Reviews

Nara Park Hotel

Nara|2.64km from History Road
It was late November, and I had never seen Nara leisurely before. Exactly! I knew this hotel because I often saw it on accommodation sites. A 5-course dinner plan, plus a free upgrade to a 2-room spacious room! I was really looking forward to it, but I'm disappointed. What the heck, the important pufferfish is terrible! I didn't expect the price to be the only price, but it was so tired that I didn't know if it was a pufferfish or what. Tessa is something I've never seen before, and it's not chewy. The best thing I could eat was the fried chicken. Ultimately, when you make rice porridge at the end of Tecchiri, there is no explanation such as making it by yourself at the beginning, so I guess you do the rice porridge set on the edge of the table yourself? I started making it while thinking that it was finished, and when I poured it into a bowl, there was a brown liquid in a small bowl about the size of a cup. ! I made it already! Don't give me any explanation, you don't understand! ? I yelled. Really unkind! I returned the rice porridge to the pot, added the dashi stock, stirred it, and ate it again! I feel sorry for making my husband look forward to the puffer fish tonight with the hotel and plan I chose. It seems that there were a couple of customers who chose puffer fish, but it was so bad that I never regretted that I should have made a normal banquet plan. I'm sure the standard plan was delicious as usual, so I got this kind of evaluation, but with this impression, I won't be doing it again, so even if I raise the price a little more, I got a decent pufferfish I think it's better. The open-air bath is also very narrow unlike the pamphlets and photos on the internet. Some people say it's hot, but when I was there, it was so lukewarm that I felt cold in the bath. upgrade? To be honest, it might have been better to have a normal room... The walls are old and full of scratches. Breakfast seems to have become a buffet, and the restaurant is small, so other customers should not eat in such a place! I was complaining. I want to eat hot tea porridge that is lukewarm (cold) to room temperature. However, at night, the staff told us stories about the deer of Nara in the lobby lounge. I decided to think that my dinner choice was a failure, but I knew that the hotel was making efforts in various projects, so I was disappointed this time.

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Toyoko Inn Nara Shin Omiya Ekimae
3.9/554 Reviews
There is only one EV in the building, so natural and waiting time occurs. I wanted to use the parking lot, but I was refused to be full. Just the uncle of the parking lot who guides is kind. The room feels a bit dark and old.
Super Hotel Nara Shin Omiya Eki Mae
4.5/51 Reviews
Great location, just beside train station. the room is small but for the price and location paid, it worth the stay. type of amenities is just great, eye mask, face mask, different type of pillow etc etc etc. breakfast is great, however u need to wake up early to catch it. it end sharp at 830am for weekday. thanks them for allowing us to keep our luggage while we travel up to mt yoshino. overall, great experience with Super Hotel. p/s: u may find it difficult to locate them as they have no sign board clearly written super hotel, the landmark is the 7-11. the reception is at the second floor.
Hotel Wisteria Nara
4.1/545 Reviews
Very good, super good, especially good, really good, I like it, I have to come to live, I have to come, I highly recommend it, I highly recommend Amway, I really work hard! I have to come to live, I can't regret it, really! ! !
Hotel Rokune
4.4/528 Reviews
Very beautiful new self-service apartment hotel. The size of the room is perfect, the quality of the appliances is very good, and the choice is tasteful. The bedding is very comfortable, plus the decorative color, everything gives the traveler a very warm feeling like a family, so it is very popular. Conveniently located next to JR train station and bus stop. Also, you will find good restaurants nearby. Everything is perfect. However, because it is a self-service hotel, luggage may not be stored, so be careful. Very nice new self-service apartment hotel. The size of the room is perfect, the quality of the appliances is very good, and the choice is tasteful. The bedding is very comfortable, plus the decor color, everything gives travelers a very warm feeling like a family, so it is very popular.
Hotel Fine Garden Nara Horai
4.2/592 Reviews
This price is really worth it: the room is big, the facilities are excellent, the hygiene is good, and the service is good. The transportation is really inconvenient. There is basically no bus after 18:00, and the nearest subway is more than 2 kilometers away. Calling a taxi? Forget it! First, there are few, and second, you can't install Japanese taxi apps without a Japanese mobile phone number. I found the nearest station of the Cong Railway on my first night after 30 minutes of walking through the countryside, vegetable fields, and cemeteries with my luggage. The second night was better, and I walked through a 15-minute uninhabited area. Having said so much, it doesn't mean that I will never choose it, but if you don't care about transportation issues, it is highly recommended.
Hilo Hostel
4.6/520 Reviews
The boss and the girl at the front desk are so enthusiastic. I rarely encounter such a youth travel for the sake of customers. I am a person who rarely comment on the merchant. I can let me move my finger to praise the store. It really makes me a little helpless. The living room is small and exquisite, the room is clean and tidy, and the price is very beautiful. The key boss holds a very magical translator. It is perfect, the communication is completely barrier-free, and the boss is very patient. It is a rare Japanese store with a ”social cow” level.

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