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Mom said, just read this before going to New Zealand

I stayed in New Zealand for a week and really didn't want to leave... I saw all kinds of beautiful scenery, pure starry sky, blue glaciers, flowers all over the mountains, dreamy and magical firefly caves, various magnificent landscapes of forests, wilderness, snow mountains and fjords, 9-11 months are the spring and summer of the southern hemisphere in New Zealand, just the opposite of our autumn here, the weather is slightly warm, flowers are blooming, really super recommended! ------------------------------ Click on the Ctrip business card below to sign up for a group tour, save effort and travel with peace of mind! ------------------------------ New Zealand is divided into the North and South Islands. The city scenery of the North Island is relatively more, with Auckland Sky Tower, Hobbiton; the natural scenery of the South Island really shocks people! There are famous Mount Cook, Franz Josef Glacier, Lake Wanaka, Good Shepherd Church Milford Sound. In addition, Queenstown is also here, it is a paradise for extreme sports~ Dunedin Church and Christchurch are also famous destinations, Christchurch is known as the garden city, people say it is "the city most like Britain outside Britain" Queenstown Queenstown, a beautiful town surrounded by the Southern Alps, can almost be said to be the business card of New Zealand tourism~ Located on the north shore of New Zealand's Lake Wakatipu, adjacent to the former gold mining area-Arrow Town, there are still remnants of Chinese gold mining in New Zealand-Chinese Village, countless travelers are attracted by its natural scenery, and many extreme sports enthusiasts will also come here specially, Bungee jumping, skydiving! Enjoy the beauty of Queenstown Fox Glacier Rated by CNN as "50 Places to Go in Life"! The glacier in the Southern Alps, you can experience glacier hiking, natural ice cave exploration, this is really fun! But pay attention to cold protection and warmth, it is best to be led by professional personnel and wear professional equipment! Lake Wanaka Lake Wanaka on the South Island of New Zealand, famous for a lone tree in the lake, has attracted countless photographers and artists. Tourists can also come here for fishing, picnicking, and walking, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the quiet moment, even if you do nothing, just quietly appreciate, you can be well healed here. Good Shepherd Church: It is a church named after a sculpture of a shepherd dog, which is a tribute to the shepherd dogs who helped open up the farmland area in the past, which is very commemorative~ And it is a unique Gothic wooden stone structure building, which can be said to be unique in New Zealand. Looking out from the window of the church altar, you can also see the magnificent scenery of the Southern Alps, many newlyweds will choose to get married here!
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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