Enjoy the scenery of Pearl River night cruise

As one of the 'Eight Scenic Spots of Yangcheng' in Guangzhou, the Pearl River night cruise is a beautiful card of Guangzhou tourism. The Pearl River can read the two thousand years of Guangzhou, and the hundred-year-old pier witnesses the prosperous appearance of the modern business capital. If you don't visit the cultural relics along the Pearl River, it can be said that you have never really visited Guangzhou. The cultural relics along the Pearl River can be visited during the day and at night. From west to east, along the 'Pearl River Corridor', you can see the beautiful scenery under the beautiful blue sky and the moving beauty of the lights on both sides of the river at night. You might as well go along the Pearl River to pursue Guangzhou's long history and the new trend of culture, and read the endless cultural charm of Guangzhou. 'Pearl River Night Cruise' refers to the night cruise of the core section of the Pearl River in Guangzhou by cruise ship. The section is beautiful, and tourists can enjoy the Guangzhou Tower, Haixinsha, Guangzhou Bridge, Liede Bridge, Xinghai Concert Hall, Haiyin Bridge, Huacheng Square, Party Pier and other iconic landscapes and buildings in Guangzhou and the brilliant night view of Guangzhou city. The night cruise lasts for 50-90 minutes. It's great to bring your family on holidays or weekends, eating and watching, blowing the sea breeze and feeling very happy. Friends who like it, act quickly! You can stroll around the Guangzhou Tower during the day, but pay attention to the time.
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Posted: Nov 14, 2023
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Pearl River Night Cruise

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