One week later! A yellow flower sea appears in Guangzhou for free flower viewing, hurry up!

Guangzhou flower season is coming again! My favorite season of the year! In one week, the yellow Tabebuia trees will be in full bloom🌼 (currently only a little has bloomed) Big data, please recommend to friends in Guangzhou or those preparing to come to Guangzhou❗️ This article will recommend a few places to take pictures of the yellow Tabebuia trees🌼 1⃣️ Zhou Touzui Park: Yellow Tabebuia trees by the Pearl River, the downside is that it's quite crowded, so you can travel at off-peak times! 2⃣️ South of Haiyin Bridge: Also the place where I took photos for this note, it's much less crowded, but the view is somewhat limited; 3⃣️ Ma Ke Village in Dongyong Town, Nansha: A more primitive village, self-driving is recommended! 4⃣️ Baiyun Lake Park: In addition to the yellow Tabebuia, there are also kapok flowers! 5⃣️ Haibang Water Town: There is a full 1km of yellow Tabebuia trees oh😉
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Posted: Feb 23, 2024
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