Forget about the Gesang flowers at Haizhu Lake, this place is even more beautiful

Guangzhou truly deserves its reputation as the 'City of Flowers'🌸; the city is filled with endless blooms. Don't be sad if you missed the Gesang flowers at Haizhu Lake🤣. The Gesang flower sea at Baiyun Lake is even bigger💯 and more beautiful💯. And not many people know about it yet, so hurry up‼️ The Gesang flowers🌸 are near the East Gate of Donghu Lake. After entering, walk towards the 'Baiyun Pavilion'🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♂️ and you will find a sea of Gesang flowers that seems endless👀👀. Besides the pink and white Gesang flowers, there are also yellow, golden yellow, and orange sulfur chrysanthemums💐💐. The color scheme is very fresh and clean, and it's great for taking photos📸. In addition to Gesang flowers and sulfur chrysanthemums, the Gongfen Bauhinia🌺 in Baiyun Lake is also starting to bloom. The flowering period will end around March, so you can check it out while you're there😘😘. The Gongfen Bauhinia is near the 'Xizhao Pavilion'. After enjoying the Gesang flowers, just follow the lakeside🌊 and you will see it. 📝Some tips: ✅The park is very large, and there are electric carts🛵 available for a fee. ✅There are kiosks🥤 and snack vendors🍡 in the park. ✅There are no places to eat inside or around the park, so if you plan to spend a day there, bring your own food🍞. ✅Shared bicycles🚲 can enter the park. ✅You can do simple camping on the grass in the park🏕️. 🈺06:00~21:30 🎟️Admission: Free 🚌Transportation: Get off at the bus station 'Xiamao Terminal' and walk a few minutes to the East Gate of Donghu Lake. 🚙Self-driving: East Gate of Donghu Lake surface parking lot. 🔻 I am Axin, a native of Guangzhou🧑🏻, and my hobby is to wander around📸, discovering fun and beautiful places for leisure🏖️! If you have any questions about local tours, feel free to ask me below! Let's get it sorted out together, duck! Bye-bye~ See you tomorrow, duck~😜😜
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Posted: Mar 6, 2024
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