Surprisingly, one can immerse oneself in a grand barbecue under the slender waist‼️

The Ant Cave's brand new series of concept stores, the Grand Barbecue, has arrived at Tiande Plaza! Housed in a standalone building, the atmosphere is brimming with charm💙. You can even enjoy a panoramic view of Guangzhou's stunning Canton Tower. With staff on hand to assist with the grilling, you can simply sit back and wait for your meal to be served. Experience the soul of barbecue: Lettuce🥬 + pickled radish slices🥕 + barbecue companion + wasabi sauce + green pepper🌶 + garlic slices + kimchi + barbecue meat🥩. Enjoy this combination in one bite for a richly layered taste that never gets old😋. 🍍Pineapple Beef Ribs: The beef ribs are tender and juicy, paired with sweet and sour pineapple. Each bite is bursting with flavor, sweet but not greasy, leaving a lingering aftertaste. 🐙Octopus Pan-fried Meat: Fresh large octopus + snowflake fatty beef roll. Cooked on the spot with a rich variety of ingredients. The octopus is chewy and refreshing, and the fatty beef roll is tender and juicy. Drizzled with a secret sauce while grilling, it's incredibly flavorful. 🍈Star-born Hami Melon Ice Cream: Highly photogenic, it's half a melon! Each bite is refreshingly smooth, making you feel satisfied. 🍓Mulberry Strawberry Handmade Lemon Tea: A large cup with high aesthetic appeal! Fresh mulberries and strawberries are generously added, giving a strong fruity aroma. It's sweet and sour, perfect for quenching your thirst. 🏡Ant Cave·Seoul Barbecue·Grand Barbecue 📍Shop 105, 106, 203, 204, Building 1-13, West Xiupu Street, No. 2 Liede Avenue 🚇240m walk from Exit of Liede Station on Line 5 #GuangzhouCantonTower #Barbecue #Waves
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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