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Historical Site
Plum9195I did not realize that the Great Sphinx was located so close to the Great Pyramids. You can easily see them both at the same time or on the same visit. You are not allowed to really get close to the Sphinx or to touch it. It is protected by a gate around it and security will admonish you for going past the gate. You will generally use the same guide for the Sphinx that you do for the Pyramids. If you go very early in the morning or after lunch it will not be as crowded. Egyptian citizens and students pay a lower admission fee if they have an ID. There are is a small outdoor market as you leave where you can by trinkets to remember your visit. You should be prepared to bargain to get the best deals.
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Historical Site
Plum9195The Great Pyramids are very very crowded so I advise you to go either very early in the morning or go after lunch if you want to try to have fewer people around. It is a better experience if you go with a certified guide, book one before you travel and they will usually pick you up from your hotel and drop you back to your hotel after the tour is finished. You have to purchase an extra ticket if you want to go inside of the pyramid, the general ticket just allows you to see the outside of the Great Pyramids. If you want to use a camera, not just your cell phone camera to take pictures there is also an extra fee. There are student priced tickets that are much less than regular priced tickets, if you have an student ID. Citizens of Egypt also pay less than non-citizens. This is an amazing site and no visit to Egypt is complete without visiting here.
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Historical Site
苦海无边,望不到岸The pyramids are the mausoleums of ancient Egyptian kings, and the mystery is filled with them, as no one has yet explored them. The mummy legend is even more frightening because the corpses of animals and plants have remained indecomposed for thousands of years. The Sphinx, one of the world's oldest large stone statues, is located next to the pyramids and is more than 4,500 years old. Many people try to climb the pyramid tower, but the people who climb it can't survive, it is said that Pharaohs put a spell, and so far has not explained it.
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Plum9195The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is over 100 years old. It contains so many Egyptian treasures that a new museum is being built closer to the Pyramids in Giza to house and better display all the treasures. It can be very crowded, so try to go in the afternoon. It is open on Thursday evenings from 5-9 pm and that is the best time to go because there are no crowds. I suggest you use the tour guide group "Walk Like An Egyptian" they are well respected, respond to emails quickly and are very knowledgeable. Going to the museum with a guide who can explain the importance of what you are seeing will greatly enhance your experience. There are so many treasures in this one building that you could spend months and never see them all. This is a certain"must do" even if you do not think you like museums you will like this one. The basic ticket does not include the Mummy Room, that is extra. But you will still see many mummy's, even if you do not pay to go to the Mummy Room. You will also see King Tut's treasure.
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小思文Harry market is a unique market to buy local specialty items, the weekend traffic is quite large, people are different colors of different countries, this place can move to pay not much, some small shops can change money.
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Sunil ZAAmazing to see the longest River in Africa. Fantastic views from many different locations nearby.

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Egypt's capital city of Cairo is one of civilization's ancient cities. If you are a history lover, you can go to the Pyramids of Giza or the Cairo Museum and walk the halls of ancient Egyptian civilization while learning about what the Pharaohs believed the afterlife held in store. At the same time, Cairo is a modern metropolis. The banks of the Nile River are crowded with a forest of skyscrapers including several famous hotels. This is a great place to enjoy the scenery of the Nile. Cairo holds a vast mix of many different cultures. There is a profusion of Coptic art and Islamic-style culture to discover throughout the city. Cairo unfolds like a beautiful story out of “1001 Arabian Nights”.

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