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City Hall
_We***03You can go if you like walking, but the dirt road is too bad on rainy days. It's fun to have deer. After shopping, there is a house that seemed to be a military camp under the castle, where you can drink some coffee. The scenery is quite good, with large green areas, lakes and forests nearby, covering a wide area. history: The designer of this Wallerton Hall, Robert (also designed Longleat and Hardwick Hall, both of which were representative works of the noble manor of Elizabeth I) Smithson is said to be influenced by a certain building in Naples and a certain god in Jerusalem. Inspired by the temple, the drawings were designed. This is an experimental palace, setting a benchmark for baroque design in the next world. It was later sold to the local council in 1924.
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Historical Site
淼淼0301Nottingham has many man-made caves built in the Middle Ages. Most of these caves were former air-raid shelters, some were underground tanneries, and some were used to store wine. Now these caves have been opened to the public as scenic spots, here is still very distinctive, it feels great to visit here.
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Featured Neighborhood
137***66Old Market Square is a great square! I went there in early autumn and I didn't see too much of the autumn wind. There are many tourists and it is very lively. Overall it is very good. There are many small shops and many restaurants to choose from!
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Historical Site
牛腻元In mid-April 197, the Mediterranean Greek peninsula was sunny and warm. A poet, who died in the bright sun, could be raining and snowing at this moment, or sunny today, 3,000 kilometers away from his hometown. The poet, 36 years old at the time of his death, was the commander of a Greek army who had fought in the Greek Revolutionary War. Eight years ago, he went from his hometown to Italy to join the charcoal-burning movement and become the leader of local organizations. During this period, he wrote chapter four of "Calder Harold's Travels", "Marino Fariero", "Cain", "Fantasy of the Trial", "Bronze Century" and . "Tang Juan" Don Juan.George Gordon Byron Great Poet, then scholar, freedom fighter, and athlete. Born in a declining aristocratic family, his father died at the age of three, his mother lived in poverty in Scotland, and at the age of ten he succeeded his uncle's baronage and moved with his mother to hereditary territory in Nottinghamshire. .In the late 12th century, Henry II built the Newstead Abbey in memory of his grandfather. In the 16th century, Henry VIII sold the Abbey to the Byron family for 810 pounds. The poet Byron lived there from 1808 to 1814. . .I stood in the courtyard of April, two centuries apart from Byron. On the train I filled up Tang Zhen in a panic, fearing the soul of the poet would come out to ask me questions, if his soul returned to his homeland, which made him tired, dissatisfied and sad.
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coo***anThe White Post Farm has a very large area and is divided into two areas. The indoor area is mainly for children’s amusement facilities, and the outdoor is a zoo-like farm. There are various small animals to visit, which is very fun...

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