Fuchun Resort, Hangzhou

A lakeside resort where you need to take a boat to the island, it has a bit of a paradise feel. The hotel lobby is very beautiful, where you can see the Fuchun River and there is a koi pond, which is very photogenic. We stayed in the Listen to the Rain suite, which has a private courtyard. Whether lying in bed or sitting in the living room, you can see the scenery in the yard, and even soaking in the bathtub offers a view of the elegant bamboo grove. The hotel has a tea room with some craft classes arranged. I made a hand-painted fan. The restaurant is on the second floor of the hotel, where we had all three meals every day, and I got a bit tired of the same food, unfortunately, you can't order takeout on the island. The hotel also has a café, but when we went there were only three desserts available, which were quite ordinary, only the scenery was good. We also went to soak in the hot spring pool, where the hydrangeas by the pool were growing beautifully, which made me think of the ones at my home that are almost sunburned to death. Every morning and evening, strolling around the lake was a delightful way to relax both body and mind.
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Posted: May 25, 2024
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