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‘Hangzhou Luxury Hotel Recommendation’ Four Seasons by West Lake

Hangzhou Four Seasons by West Lake Hotel The Hangzhou Four Seasons by West Lake Hotel is tucked away in the northwest corner of West Lake--Lingyin Road, ☘️☘️ built by the lake, overlooking the mountains. Staying here, by walking, you can enjoy the 'Curved Yard and Lotus Pool', view the 'Yue Tomb and Xixia', and explore the 'North Street Dream Quest'. The hotel has a total of 78 guest rooms, including 5 suites, and several garden villas. 😱😱 The smallest room type also reaches 63 square meters, 🌳🌳 claiming the title of the largest in its class in Hangzhou. Continuing the interpretation style of the royal garden art of West Lake after the Southern Song Dynasty made it the capital, 🏡🌈 the hotel's pavilions, terraces, and towers are built with many curves and oblique lines, matching the dynamic lines of the landscape, ☁ sharing beauty and spirit. The guest rooms are decorated with Jiangnan silk satin embroidery as wall decorations, drawing inspiration from the traditional Chinese flower and bird paintings, constructing a residence of understated luxury 🏝🏝. The interior environment is bright and elegant, with tea-brown antique sofas 🛶🛶, designers use Hangzhou silk decorations and classical Chinese furnishings to create a warm and refined harmonious space 💫💫. My favorite is the room's private scenic balcony, gently push open the lattice window 🌆🌆, and a Jiangnan courtyard-style private mansion is perfectly presented before your eyes 😘😘, with the nearby bridge and flowing water blending into the distant private garden, every plant and tree subtly portrays the beauty of Jiangnan's charm 🌺🌺. Say something...🫴🫴
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Posted: May 25, 2024
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Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake

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Near Qingzhiwu|West Lake, Lingyin Temple Scenic Area, Hangzhou
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