It's not that I can't afford to go to the UK, but that spending Christmas in Hong Kong is more cost-effective

After a few years, I came back to Hong Kong, just in time for Christmas in Hong Kong.🎄 I have to say, the Christmas atmosphere in Hong Kong is really strong!! Compared to spending Christmas in Europe, Christmas in Hong Kong is the best! Especially on the edge of Victoria Harbour, there are tall Christmas trees of different styles And romantic and colorful fireworks on the water🎆! . This time I came to Hong Kong specifically to visit a few popular Christmas spots in Hong Kong Follow me to check in without getting lost!! . 1️⃣K11 musea The golden Christmas tree of Victoria Harbour, which has been dominating the screen recently, is here Admire the unbeatable sea view of Victoria Harbour while watching this Dior golden Christmas tree shine All the romance of Hong Kong can be captured here! Recommended location: K11's 3rd floor【GREYHOUND cafe】store, where you can have a drink or meal 2️⃣West Kowloon Cultural District The "Victoria Harbour Winter Fireworks" that started in December are here, don't go to the wrong place! It is recommended to go in the evening, you can see the Christmas tree of Victoria Harbour at sunset, and wait for the fireworks show that starts at 8 o'clock! There are fireworks on the water at 8 o'clock in the evening on December 9, 10, 16, 17, 23-26, lasting 10 minutes 3️⃣The Peninsula Hotel No girl can escape Chanel's aesthetics! This time the entire exterior wall of the Peninsula Hotel is hung with Chanel's giant chains and decorations Very trendy and high-end! It looks good both day and night! There is also a Christmas tree in the hotel that is worth checking in! 4️⃣Central Tai Kwun A sunny square surrounded by tall buildings, the Christmas tree is very large and full of decorations It is recommended to take pictures at the arch on the second floor, which is very artistic 5️⃣Garden Road Christmas Tree Unlike the colorful Christmas trees in other places, the Christmas tree on Garden Road is white and glowing It is recommended to go after the lights are on at night, it is really a super dreamy white glowing Christmas tree! 6️⃣Central Wellington Street What's special is that there are stalls and shops selling Christmas decorations all along the slope Walking on the street, it really feels like a Christmas town!
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Posted: Jan 14, 2024
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Mubarak Iqbal
Dawei DC
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I always wanted to visit this place.
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