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Things To Do in Glasgow

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E30***33beautiful landscape and campus. so lovely to walk just around and gorgeous views of Glasgow from the top
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真诚7577Free squares, surrounded by Victorian fine buildings, are the most representative of a red-red building, with vaults, marble and pure snowstone staircases all embodying the “greatest Victorian city” style.
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山水人生It is also easy to see the tall Glasgow Cathedral in the distance on the streets of the city. It is surrounded by statues of religious figures and behind it is a green hillside, bathing itself in the rising blue sky and white clouds. This cathedral, which was built in the sixth century AD, is the only building with the longest history in the city of Glasgow. It is said that the construction of this cathedral took more than three hundred years before it was completed. How long-lasting perseverance is needed . After that, this cathedral has escaped the devastation of the religious revolution several times and has been fortunately preserved to this day. Of course, people can still see that there are various degrees of damage to the church, and even some places can be seen clearly. To the ruins of that year. We walked into this free and open cathedral, and many tourists have already visited it. This cathedral is also one of the must-see attractions for those who travel to Glasgow. The interior of the entire cathedral is very magnificent and tall. The arched walls formed by ancient columns extend the roof of the church to the sky, and the wooden ceiling is inlaid with various national emblems. The church walls are surrounded by tombstones and carvings. Many tourists who have studied religion are watching these tombstones carefully, but we can only look at the macro scene. The most different from ordinary cathedrals is that the glass windows of this church seem to be relatively unremarkable. In the center of the church, the cross-section is divided into two parts by a stone altar screen. Seven pairs of stone statues are scattered around the screen, which is said to symbolize the "seven deadly sins" in Catholicism. We started to compare the text introduction, and after looking for it for a long time, we didn't understand it. Then we asked the staff to get some guidance. There is also a basement with a large area in this church, and this basement, which also has an arched building, houses a sacred tombstone, surrounded by red ropes. This tombstone belongs to St. Mungo, the patron saint of Glasgow. According to legend, at the end of the 6th century, this saint established Glasgow and named it here. Of course, this also makes Glasgow Cathedral a witness to the history of the city. On the murals behind the tombstone and on the carpet of the church, the tour guide will generally introduce visitors to the four miracles unique to this church: birds that can’t fly, trees that can’t grow tall, bells that can’t ring, and no swimming. Fish. Such a connotative cathedral is so old, it seems that it is rare.
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qf3456792Stirling Castle is worth visiting for those who have gone to Scotland. This sense of history, the sense of vicissitudes and the harmony and unity of the surrounding environment, basically fully experience the movie "Brave Heart". Look at these photos of me, it feels like a blockbuster [view]
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陌染MMTraveling to England, following a local tour group to a beautiful town, where families of flowers grow in front of the door, along the town, you will see a great lake, Lomon Lake. Lake Lomond is the largest lake in Scotland in the UK, located in the south of the Scottish Highlands, the south side is 27 kilometers from Glasgow. The lake is shimmering, beautiful, the water is very clear, a bit windy, wind blowing on the face, is actually very comfortable, because the environment is beautiful, attracted many tourists.
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畅打一生No matter where I go, as long as time permits, I will definitely visit the local museum. Because he allows you to understand the local customs and historical heritage most directly. The Kelvingrove Art Museum is located near the main building of the University of Glasgow. It is a Gothic building with a dazzling red brick wall. It's free to visit and there are plenty of parking spaces. The museum has a large area and a wide range of collections, ranging from animal fossils from ancient times to modern paintings and sculptures. It is a museum exhibiting multi-element art. Among them, Asian elements, Chinese antiques, world famous paintings and sculptures are all exhibited in kind. What impressed me more is the self-portrait of Van Gogh, the tortoiseshell fan fractured fan and embroidered pieces of the royal family of the Qing Dynasty in China, the ancient blue and white porcelain of China, the silverware left behind by the Vikings, the animal fossils of ancient times and the reflections of Glasgow's different periods Artifacts and so on.