Yunnan Lijiang! Just checked out! The courtyard villa with a small bridge and flowing water is truly delightful!

🏨Lijiang Jieluofu Garden Hotel 📍Located in Ronghua Village, Kaiwen Community, Shuhe Street, Ancient City District - The "Riverside Duplex Villa" of Jieluofu Hotel is truly delightful❤️ The first floor serves as a reception room, while the second floor houses a study, a bathing area, and a balcony✔️ Upon opening the door, you are greeted by a tranquil courtyard with a babbling brook, trees adorned with Dongba wind chimes, and the gentle tinkling of bells🍃🍃🍃. It's an ideal place for a vacation😌 🎐Hotel guests can enjoy the local Yunnan "tie-dye" experience, creating either a small handkerchief or a small cloth bag💙 Even those not artistically inclined can easily participate💙 Ps: The personalized perfume experience & Spa at Jieluofu are also excellent✔️ - The hotel has its own restaurant, offering dishes like Bridge Rice Noodles, Small Pot Rice Noodles, and Passion Fruit Fish Hot Pot at reasonable prices😋 The food is delicious and the portions are generous✔️ Of course, you can also choose stir-fried dishes, all of which are exquisitely prepared! There are private rooms upstairs, perfect for sharing a meal with friends and family🍻 - Location: 1. The hotel's main entrance faces the entrance of "Shuhe Ancient Town" 2. Hotel to Lijiang Ancient City: 6.7 km / 20 minutes by car 3. Hotel to Lashi Lake: 20 km / 30 minutes by car 4. Hotel to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: 26 km / 35 minutes by car 5. Hotel to Lugu Lake: 🚘 3.5 hours by car (a breathtakingly beautiful paradise) - 😌I truly adore the Lijiang Jieluofu Garden Hotel🏨 I would gladly stay here countless times🎐🎐🎐 It's incredibly relaxing, and the overall experience is absolutely fantastic💕💕💕
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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Near Sifang Street|Shuhe Old Town, Lijiang
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