Shanghai Xujiahui Academy | A 'second citizen's library' for everyone

❤Reason for recommendation: Xujiahui Academy is a library, as well as an open and complex new cultural and tourism space. It integrates reading, communication, exhibition, tourism, cultural creativity, and leisure. Born in the light and moving towards the light, it is known as the 'second citizen's library' that everyone can enjoy. 🌟Highlights: 📖Academy layout: B1/1/2/3 floors, a total of 4 floors. 🔹B1 is a cultural and creative market: East West Park, recently it's the first anniversary of Xujiahui Academy, there are quite a few limited cultural and creative displays! 🔹1st floor: A hall that spans three floors, giving the feeling of entering a church, grand and holy. In the center of the hall is a long, long desk, at the end of which is a 3D printed historical landmark of Xujiahui, the Tushanwan Archway. The academy named it the 'Gate of Enlightenment', which stands solemnly, its crystal clear appearance exudes a heavy historical atmosphere. 🔹2/3 floors: Study rooms with balconies and open spaces. There are cushioned seats on the balcony, which is very suitable for reading when the weather is warm. The balcony is a good spot for taking pictures of the church! In addition, there are eight light box spaces for reading and studying on the first and second floors. The books and documentaries displayed on both sides are mainly related to the historical changes in Shanghai. Those interested in Haipai culture can explore here! 🎫Ticket: Free 🈺️Time: Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00 📍Location: No. 158, Caoxi North Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 🚇Transportation: The subway is the most convenient, Xuhui Station Exit 3, directly to the B1 of the Academy
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Posted: Feb 10, 2024
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