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Guan Zilan

🐢 The exhibition in Shanghai is really competitive, with district-level museums (Minhang Museum, Fengxian Museum) rolling out exhibitions one after another, and now district-level art galleries are following suit. After introducing the Wu Dayu Art Exhibition at the Putuo District Cultural Center, I saw Guan Zilan's work at the Zhu Qizhan Art Museum. · 🐢 Guan Zilan, along with Pan Yuliang, Fang Junbi, Cai Weilian, and Qiu Di, were all well-known female artists during the Republic of China era (side note: their names all sound so nice!). Every time I see their works, I am filled with emotion: their personal charm and artistic standards are both strikingly evident. Guan Zilan's brushwork is bold, simple, and refined, holding its own against male artists of the same period. This is undoubtedly influenced by the French post-impressionism and Fauvism she encountered during her studies in Japan, but it is also a reflection of her personal temperament and character. language: [
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Posted: Feb 24, 2024
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