Ultimate Guide to Shanghai Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival

Yuyuan Garden's Year of the Dragon Lantern Festival is officially lit up~ This year continues the theme of last year's 'Magical Wonders of Mountains and Seas', launching the 'Sea Sutra' chapter, inviting us to step into the romantic ceiling of Chinese style! Experience the grandeur of the Tang Dynasty's prosperity, and fully appreciate the visualization of Xin Qiji's poetry 'A night of fish and dragon dance' in Yuyuan Garden, it's just like a real-life version of Big Fish & Begonia! 🤩 📍 Location: Yuyuan Garden Mall (not inside the scenic area, but ticket checking starts at each entrance after admission fee) 🚇 Transportation: Line 10 / Line 14 Yuyuan Garden Station Exit 7 / Exit 1 🗺️ Recommended Route: 1. Old Temple Gold and Silver Building ➡️ Entrance 5 ➡️ Central Square ➡️ Nine-Turn Bridge ➡️ Tianyu Building ➡️ Ninghui Road ➡️ Bailin Building ➡️ Exit 7 🐲 Old Temple Gold Entrance A giant dragon perches on the antique building, start your tour here! Best photo spot is diagonally across the street! 🐲 Entrance 5 Photo with Lion Enter the Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival through the lion's wide mouth, super magical! 🐲 Central Square Photo with the Main Dragon The theme of the Year of the Dragon is so domineering! Several dragons gathered together, with the electronic screen in the middle, the combination of modern and classical is truly stunning! 🐲 Nine-Turn Bridge A must-visit every year at the festival, a whole wall of lanterns forms the number 2024, a ceremonial installation that is unforgettable! 🐲 Tianyu Building 2nd Floor (Pie's Coffee) Change your perspective to view Yuyuan Garden, it will definitely surprise you~ 🐲 Ninghui Road Photo of 'A Night of Fish and Dragon Dance' This is the busiest street, to capture a picture without people, it's recommended to shoot from a low angle, but actually, having passersby in the shot also adds a lively atmosphere~ 🐲 Bailin Building 3rd Floor You can capture the magnificent scene of 'A Night of Fish and Dragon Dance' from a high angle! 🐲 Exit 7 Photo with the Coiling Dragon Pillar Don't forget to take a photo at the exit! ⏰ Lantern Festival Time and Tickets - January 21 to February 9: Free admission - February 10 to February 25: Adults 80 yuan, Children 50 yuan - February 26 to February 29: Free admission - Lighting time: 16:30~22:00 (subject to change on the day) Come and experience a unique lantern festival! Let's create beautiful memories together in the dazzling lights of Yuyuan Garden! 🏮✨
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Posted: Feb 27, 2024
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