Best zoo so far

🦝 This is the best zoo I ever visited so far the in China. The animals are fat, happy and more or less free. You won't see cages here, they put humans in the cages, but not animals, I think this is quite fair. 🦛 I visited this zoo many times and still didn't figured out how animals don't escape since there are no fences or anything, prevailing them from going far away. Lemurs have the whole island for themselves with trees and little tree houses, there is nothing that can stop them to go outside the island, but they just stay. So do the monkeys or flamingoes. The zoo is huge, one day is probably not enough to visit all the animals. In the morning there is a chance to feed some animals, like giraffes, hippo, lamas, zebras or flamingoes. In the afternoon this is not allowed cause animals need to rest. 🐻 Himalaya bears are quite funny to watch, but sometimes they fight, reminding visitors they are still not pet animals. White and red pandas are adorable. Raccoons are very cute, it is entertaining to watch how they hunt for fish. 🐑 There is a small amusement park for kids and little cafeteria, but the food is quite questionable, so better bring some snacks with you. Getting There is easy by subway line 16. #shanghai #shanghaizoo #zoo #urbanexplorer #natureadventure  
Posted: Apr 10, 2021
Kenneth Teo
Aaru 裴儒
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Aaru 裴儒
Aaru 裴儒
Beautiful ❤️
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