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e grandeur of Daqi Mountain is fully revealed, with the Fairy Hotel and the picturesque Tonglu

Tonglu·Mango Tower Daqi Mountain Hotel The houses with white walls and black tiles, the neat and simple lines, combined with the distant green mountains, seem like an ink wash landscape painting. Being there feels like wandering in a scroll, and this Fairy Hotel, which is just 1h away from Hangzhou city center, is also close to popular attractions. Guests will also receive free Daqi Mountain tickets upon check-in. The hotel as a whole resembles a Jiangnan garden residence, with its standalone courtyard houses particularly eye-catching. Most of the rooms come with a private courtyard or terrace, and there are also mountain view rooms from which one can gaze at the mountains afar. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the room, lying on the bed, one can enjoy the view of the Jiangnan gardens, which inevitably brings comfort and relaxatio
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Posted: Feb 28, 2024
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