Return to Nature | A treasure spot perfect for spacing out

A treasure spot perfect for spacing out.🏠 Minsu Weichi·Shanjian Room 🎈Address | Inside Maoping Village, Fuchunjiang Town, Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province 🏴Location The guesthouse is located in Maoping Village, Fuchunjiang Town, Tonglu County Situated in the Fuchun River Slow Life Experience Zone Between the areas of Shishe, Luce, and Maoping Advantageous geographical position, convenient transportation Surrounded by mountains, with misty clouds and flowing streams... It is a very suitable place for a secluded retreat 🏴Design The guesthouse is renovated from five old houses in the valley Composed of individual buildings with different shapes Due to the site boundary restrictions, it is arranged in a triangular layout Overall, it adopts white color, and the lines are consistently clean and three-dimensional Like boxes scattered in the mountains Yet cleverly combined together Using the technique of stacking mountains to imitate the landscape Hoping to integrate the architectural shape into this picturesque landscape Adopting themes of looking at clouds, overlooking springs, and viewing mountains Creating a fusion of Chinese ink painting and modern style 🏴Guest Rooms The guesthouse has three guest room villas, with only 15 rooms Named after the springs, clouds, and mountains Facing the river is called 'Quanshang' High and distant view is called 'Yunzhong' Built against the mountain is 'Shanxia' The interior design is mainly wooden Creating the beauty of the image of cutting wood on water Sitting in front of the window, facing the landscape, the view Can enjoy the tranquility of the heart and the quiet blending of objects 🏴Public Area There is a 360° viewing platform on the roof of Yunzhong Climb to the roof for a broad view and pleasant scenery The second floor is a leisure tea room and an open kitchen Eat meals🍚 drink tea🍵 nest in a lazy cushion and read a book📚 Even just spacing out is a kind of enjoyment To the left of Shanxia is a crescent-shaped outdoor swimming pool At first glance, it has the illusion of an 'infinity pool' There are also special experiences like fireside chats🔥 roasted sweet potatoes🍠 barbecue area, etc. In the current cool winter nights, it's the most healing for the heart
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Posted: Apr 6, 2024
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