Spring staycation, just listen to me | 2 days and 1 night in Tonglu

Spring is so suitable for a staycation in Tonglu Fields of rapeseed flowers, babbling brooks, wild cherry blossoms in full bloom🌸 Listening to the rain in a homestay on a rainy day, reading a book and admiring flowers in the yard under the sunshine Sharing a 2 days and 1 night staycation in Tonglu suitable for office workers✨👇 · Day1⃣️: Arrive in Tonglu - Qinglongwu - Tonglu Liuyun Countryside Villa Day2⃣️: Fangyu Sky Country Capsule Bookstore - Daqi Mountain Forest Park (The Liuyun front desk is right in the bookstore, filled with the fragrance of books) · Staying in a house🏚️ transformed from an old dwelling, stories of past times linger on the earthen walls, giving a sense of security like returning to grandma's house in childhood Little Yellow🐈 always swishes its tail and rubs against my skirt as it passes by, then casually 'lies down anywhere it pleases' Around the corner, one can encounter artworks from artists around the world🧑‍🎨, not only experiencing a paradise on earth but also like walking in a large-scale art exhibition (be sure to ask the butler to book an art exploration activity, you can't discover the wonders by yourself) · 'What's in the mountains? Pine flowers brewing wine, spring water for tea.' Escape the city and come to the mountains to be a villager for two days💨 ·
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Posted: Apr 8, 2024
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Near Fangyukong Yanjiyou Capsule Bookstore|Lutz Resort, Tonglu
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