The most successful trend-following trip! A 2-day and 1-night water fun and summer escape guide in Tonglu

A new discovery for summer retreat, only 1.5h drive from Hangzhou, hidden in the millennium-old village of Tonglu, taking you back to the era without scorching heat~ Spend 2 days in Tonglu over the weekend, and you can follow this route to have a blast ✅Stream trekking and camping✅Maling Ancient Trail✅Healing ancient village ✅Thrilling go-karting✅Subterranean cave✅Capsule bookstore . day1: Heartbeat Amusement Park - Qinglongwu - Fangyu Kong·Yanjiyou Capsule Bookstore - Qizhu Day2: Mainly walk the Tonglu section of the Maling Ancient Trail: Shishe Village - Maoping Village - Luci Bay . Several must-visit spots: 【Shishe Village】: Step into the Qing Dynasty, where the Hui-style architecture whispers of time. The village road built along the river, with bamboo forest trails weaving through, every breath is full of negative ions, a forest bath that city dwellers dream of! . 【Maoping Village】: Compared to Shishe, Maoping has an extra touch of uncarved simplicity. Hu's Ancestral Hall, Wen'an Tower, Wuchao Gate, each brick and tile tells a story of history. Paddling a bamboo raft in the shallow stream, it's as if you've become a person in a painting. . 【Maling Ancient Trail】: The trail is about 12km long, and along the way, not only can you enjoy the simple charm of Hui-style architecture, but also the lush forest trails, allowing you to freely shuttle between history and nature. . 【Heartbeat Amusement Park】: Adrenaline rushes, my favorite is the Sky Road Super Go-Kart and the Subterranean Science Exploration Team, thrilling and exciting, and it's cool inside the earth, I don't want to come out 【Yanjiyou Capsule Bookstore】: Yanjiyou is not just a bookstore, it is a cultural space that combines reading, aesthetics, and creativity . 【Accommodation】: The accommodation choice is Wuzao at Qizhu in Qinglongwu, which is well located, just a ten-minute walk from Yanjiyou Bookstore. With a private courtyard, rammed earth style design, windows framing mountain views, and listening to the stream. After a day of hiking, soaking in the bath for 30 minutes can completely relax your body and mind. The front desk's cats and corgis are lazy and cute, passing the time together, watching the sunset, and enjoying a beautiful vacation.
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Posted: May 24, 2024
Rajendra Gumpena
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