A 10-minute drive from the paradise! Stay in a thousand-acre tea mountain family camping site!

🍃In Tonglu, Hangzhou, there is a tea mountain that spans nearly a thousand acres, surrounded by clouds and mist around the waist of the mountain, embraced by bamboo terraces, with the gentleness of the mountains and wilds as far as the eye can see~ Nestled among them is a camping site called Lanshan·Chayin, surrounded by tea trees, with the breeze bringing wafts of tea fragrance. 🏡Lanshan·Chayin (Tonglu OMG Heartbeat Paradise Store) 🗺️Located inside Hengxin Agriculture at Lengkeng of the Xuantong Highway in Yaolin Town, Tonglu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 🏔The camping site consists of more than a dozen tent-style houses, with white roofs paired with wooden structure stairs, complementing the lush greenery around, especially in the evening when each tent lights up with dim yellow lights, it looks even more rich in natural wild interest. 💕The guest room design is full of fun, consisting of white-tipped single tents, with ample interior space, over 40 square meters spacious! The single terrace large bed rooms come with a bathtub and also have a large viewing terrace, where you can overlook distant mountains, bamboo forests, and the entire village. The original wood-colored furniture is matched with projectors, building blocks, and so on, interspersed with fresh green plants and flowers, with soft and comfortable bedding, and well-equipped facilities, loved by both big friends and little friends! ✨Here, you can participate in a BBQ bonfire party, watch an outdoor movie, quietly appreciate the splendid fireworks, or swim in the outdoor pool. You can also hike in the tea mountain, experience the process of tea picking and making, and feel the charm of outdoor camping! In the restaurant, you can also taste the organic vegetables grown by the owner and the fish and shrimp from the small river, fresh and delicious, don't miss it~
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Posted: May 25, 2024
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