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Life Advice❗️Visit these 9 places before leaving Xi'an.

I have just returned from a weekend trip to Xi'an, and I am still basking in the afterglow of the experience😭. Xi'an is truly a paradise for carbohydrate enthusiasts! The variety of delicious and affordable noodle dishes left me wishing I had a larger appetite. If you happen to have two days to spend in the city of Xi'an, do not miss out on the following nine culinary delights and photogenic spots! Here is a detailed guide for your reference👇: 1⃣️Lao Wu Jia Oil Tea and Twisted Dough Strips 📍700 meters walk from Beidajie Subway Station 💰Small classic meal for ¥6 😋A truly authentic Xi'an breakfast! 2⃣️Ma Hong's Stir-fried Bread Cubes 📍100 meters walk 💰Stir-fried dish or bread cubes for ¥25 😋A local old shop. Who understands the joy of carbohydrates? 3⃣️Xi'an City Wall An Yuan Gate 📍1.6km walk 💰Entrance fee ¥54, multiple entries allowed on the same day 📸️The first gate of the ancient city of Xi'an 4⃣️Ai Hua Belt Noodle Restaurant 📍0.5h by bus/subway 💰Spicy Oil Noodles ¥13|Biangbiang Noodles ¥20 😋The spicy oil and chili are so fragrant! Only Xi'an can offer the joy of eating noodles from a basin! 5⃣️Qin Yu Rou Jia Mo (Meat Sandwich) 📍Right next door 💰Regular meat sandwich for ¥10 😋The crispy and fragrant crust, filled with tender meat, is truly unforgettable! 6⃣️Xi'an City Wall Yong Ning Gate 📍1.4km walk 💰Entrance fee ¥54, no need to purchase again 📸️Take photos of Xi'an Bell Tower and the central axis from the city wall. A 70mm or longer lens is recommended. 7⃣️Da Ci'en Temple Ruins Park 📍0.5h by subway 💰Free 📸️The park offers excellent views of the Buddha statue and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda! Use a long lens for compression. 8⃣️Tang Paradise 📍300 meters walk 💰Free 📸️Take photos of the Xuanzang statue and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda at the south square. The pedestrian street also features numerous Tang-style buildings and performances. 9⃣️Muslim Street 📍40 minutes by subway 💰Free 😋Enjoy a late-night snack at Ma Le Barbecue. The skewers and Eight Treasures Rice are delicious! 📸️After eating, start a cultural exploration. The night lights and fireworks are truly enchanting. I am in love with Xi'an!
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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