Xi'an! Stayed for the third time! Really like this budget hotel

|High cost-performance ratio travel choice| Stayed at the Sheraton Saier for the third time, wanted to go out more, didn't spend much time in the hotel, no need to stay in a too fancy place, what I care about is its location, right at the entrance is the Longshouyuan subway station, 3 stops to the Bell Tower, 4 stops to Yongning Gate, and diagonally opposite is the Longshou Impression City, the transportation is very convenient. As a hotel that opened in 2012, the hardware is naturally a bit old, but the service is still good, especially the concierge at the entrance. The suite highlights the word 'big', with double bathrooms, single basin, the room lighting is a bit dim, really like the big mirror at the entrance haha... Went upstairs to check out hh's offerings before going out to eat, personally think that for this price range, the hotel is quite good, desserts/fruits are abundant, and there's also a noodle station, if too lazy to go out, treating hh as dinner is also totally satisfying! Especially worth mentioning is the breakfast actually has ice cream🍦, not common for hotels in this price range! 🛎Suites are plentiful, location is convenient, price is cheap, very suitable for travelers looking for cost-effectiveness!
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Posted: May 22, 2024
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Sheraton Xi'an North City Hotel

4.8/5Amazing6412 reviews
Near Daming Palace National Heritage Park|Beiguan/Longshou District, Xi'an
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