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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Qahar Right Front Banner [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Qahar Right Front Banner. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jun 2024
  • No.1
    6773 Review
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    "Open at 7:30, and the Panda Hall opens at 8 o'clock. Menglan is limited to time, and other pandas are unlimited. There is no bathroom in the panda hall, and the tickets are disposable. You can see Menglan before 7:30. Menglan may go back to sleep after cooking at 8:30, and I don't know when to come out again."
    Beijing.Xizhimen and Beijing Exhibition Center Area
    >100km from Qahar Right Front Banner
    Highlights: Home of Meng Lan, one of the most famous pandas
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  • No.2
    5317 Review
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    "Children like it very much. Bring surprises and are very interested in adults and children, and different themes have different inspirations. The theme hall is reasonably distributed, convenient for visitors, and the overall atmosphere is very good. It is recommended"
    Beijing.Asian and Olympic Games Village Area
    >100km from Qahar Right Front Banner
    Highlights: The China Science and Technology Museum is a national science museum. Apart from numerous science exhibits, there is a science playground for children. Interactive games in the playground help children learn more about science. There are also special cinemas with 3D and 4D effects, allowing you to appreciate the wonder and excitement of science and technology. The museum has five floors, with one underground and four above ground. Visitors typically walk directly to the exhibits that interest them after entering the museum. The museum recommends setting aside half a day for a visit.
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  • No.3
    1267 Review
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    "Teacher Sun is young but very patient. The rhythm of the explanation is well controlled. The interaction with the children is very smooth. As a parent, they have gained a lot of attention in the listening. After the end, the whole family thinks that the whole explanation process is very worth participating in."
    Beijing.Qianmen, The Temple Of Heaven and Chongwenmen
    >100km from Qahar Right Front Banner
    Highlights: The Beijing Museum of Natural History's exhibits includes a huge array of ancient fossils, ex. yellow river elephant skull fossils, giant Mamenchisaurus fossils and Sinormis fossils. The most popular exhibits in the museum are the Dinosaur Park and the Ancient Reptile Hall. Take one step into the Dinosaur Park, and it's like you're entering an ancient world, one where dinosaurs roam the earth!
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  • No.4
    2856 Review
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    "Suitable for bringing children to ~ to experience the China Land and Land Museum. There are also many people visiting and browsing. The museum is large, the exhibition is divided, the display is orderly, the subway can be directly accessible, the transportation is convenient, the choice of killing time is good, the ticket is convenient, and the write-off bill is also very fast."
    Beijing.Xidan and Financial Street Area
    >100km from Qahar Right Front Banner
    Highlights: Founded in 1916, the The Geological Museum of China is an early public natural science museum in China. Featuring a long history, a large number of collections, and a fine display, etc, it has become a famous museum in Asia. According to the structure of the earth layers, five basic exhibition halls are established—the Earth Hall, the Mineral Rock Hall, the Gem Hall, the Prehistoric Biology Hall, and the National Land Resources Hall. There are also two temporary exhibition halls tracking hot issues in geoscience with consistently updated content.
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  • No.5
    15814 Review
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    "I just want to be able to do something great. I am very happy to come here, everything is great for me and my family. The scenery is really beautiful, The food here is also quite delicious and fast, the service is quite attentive. I will happily come back later. Thank you"
    Beijing.Happy Valley
    >100km from Qahar Right Front Banner
    Highlights: A theme park with seven major areas
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  • No.6
    1047 Review
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    "There are a lot of people on vacation, and it is a good choice to study with a group. Teacher Chang is very professional and expands knowledge and explanations in place. Not only can you take care of the emotions of children, but also actively inspire the children's learning interests."
    Beijing.Xizhimen and Beijing Exhibition Center Area
    >100km from Qahar Right Front Banner
    Highlights: Beijing Planetarium is one of the earliest planetariums in my country. It is divided into two parts: A Hall (old hall) and B Hall (new hall). The hall is mainly composed of wonderful theater performances. Visitors can learn about the origin and development of the universe and learn astronomical knowledge by watching exciting high-tech movies, observing observatories, visiting exhibitions and other activities. The Planetarium is an important area in Hall A. The hall has a spherical dome with a diameter of 23.5 meters. Advanced instruments are used to realistically restore the 9,000 or so stars visible to the naked eye on the earth, bringing the audience a real starry sky experience. Hall B has three astronomical theaters, including the cosmic theater, 3D theater, and 4D theater, as well as various popular science education facilities such as astronomical exhibition halls, solar observatories, public observatories, and astronomical classrooms. Among them, the cosmic theater with a radius of 18 meters has a standard hemispherical full-sky screen, which can present a magnificent three-dimensional sky effect to 200 spectators at the same time, which is unique in mainland my country. The 4D theater can not only present lifelike three-dimensional images, but also create a variety of effects such as water spray, wind spray, and leg slapping, bringing you an immersive and wonderful science experience. The 3D theater presents scientific knowledge to the audience with realistic and gorgeous three-dimensional effects, truly achieving the goal of combining education with entertainment.
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  • No.7
    6379 Review
    "I highly recommend this amusement park. Its facilities are very novel and give people the ultimate play experience. At the same time, the various performances and activities in the amusement park are also very exciting, making people linger."
    Datong.Datong South Railway Station/Fantawild Adventure
    81.7km from Qahar Right Front Banner
    Highlights: Datong Fantawild Happy World is located in Yudong New District, Datong City, Shanxi Province. It features science fiction and interactive experience, and is carefully built with advanced concepts and technologies. Datong Fantawild Happy World consists of more than 20 theme project areas, including Flying Over the Limit, Light of Life, Escape from Dinosaur Island, Magic Castle, Tanggula Snow Mountain, Fire Meteor, Conch Bay, Five Thousand Years of China, and Boonie Bears Talk Show, involving more than 200 theme projects, amusement projects, leisure and landscape projects, most of which are suitable for all ages.Here you can enjoy the high-altitude flying experience project "Flying Over the Limit"; the advanced tracking three-dimensional magic show project "Magic Castle"; the large-scale indoor rafting adventure theme project "Escape from Dinosaur Island"; the thrilling suspended roller coaster "Fire Meteor"; China's original large-scale snow mountain adventure simulation project "Tanggula Snow Mountain"; the colorful and dreamy 4D theater project "Conch Bay"; and the funny and humorous cartoon show project "Boonie Bears Talk Show".The ticket of Fantawild Happy World includes 35 fixed self-owned amusement projects in the park (the 35 projects do not include joint-venture projects: Cute Bear Excavator, Remote Control Tank, Archery Range, Fisherman's Wharf, Hunting Hero, Costume Photography, Kart, Peace Dove, Carnival, Gunfire, Ultimate Decryption, Ghost Castle, etc.) After entering the park, visitors can choose to experience the amusement facilities or participate in theme activities according to their own conditions;
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  • No.8
    5263 Review
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    "🚗 The Automobile Museum is worth all children to brush, the price is not expensive, the ticket is 25, suitable for playing 2-3 hours, we choose to have lunch at the Automobile Museum restaurant 🍴 🥣, the price is a bit expensive, mainly for children to experience, feel good."
    Beijing.ABP (Advanced Business Park), Fengtai Sports Center, Nangong Area
    >100km from Qahar Right Front Banner
    Highlights: The Beijing Auto Museum is a unique car-themed museum. There are many models and reproductions of famous vehicles throughout history. There are also descriptions of the internal structure of automobiles. If you ever wish to know anything about the history of cars, this is the place to visit. While in the museum, younger visitors can also participate in many hands-on activities, such as simulated car races. The outside of the building that houses the Beijing Auto Museum looks like a giant, dynamic eye from a bird's-eye view. The ticket office at the main gate is located inside a distinctive locomotive.
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  • No.9
    4534 Review
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    "Walking and shooting the world famous building is great, the knowledge is increased, and the distance between the buildings is also very close. There is a small submarine column, you can play indefinitely, go on weekdays, almost chartered play, unlimited cycle bumper cars, children play beautifully. The subway goes directly to the south gate of the park, which is very convenient."
    Beijing.ABP (Advanced Business Park), Fengtai Sports Center, Nangong Area
    >100km from Qahar Right Front Banner
    Highlights: Beijing World Park is one of Beijing's better-known theme parks. It is famous for its collection of miniature versions of famous buildings worldwide. Some of the park's main attractions include a miniature Eiffel Tower, The London Tower Bridge, and the American White House. There are also scenes from 24 world-famous fairy tales on display. These include The Little Mermaid, Snow White, and Cinderella's Glass Slipper. Visitors will get the opportunity to experience a trip around the world in only a single day. They can take memorable photos or even bring their children to learn interesting things about other world cultures.
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  • No.10
    1001 Review
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    "In retrospect, I haven’t come to Chaoyang Park for more than 10 years. At that time, I often brought my little baby here. No matter the scenery here, there are rides, they are very good. Cool summer with tents and bicycles. The little guy has a great time. The time will pass as soon as 10 years. We came to Chaoyang Park again this winter, whether she is still us, we have felt a different scene, remembering a scene in the past, the mood is happy, the vitality is infinite, the mood is very happy, the tour is strong. We planned to visit Chaoyang Park. We arrived here very early. We can see the endless number of people coming here. The security stand neatly guarding the order of the entrance and exit. A few of us walked into the park, but saw the park trees and lights wrapped around the branches, the red lanterns hanging in strings, quite a festive state of joy. Walking in the spotless parks and gardens, enjoying the colorful various game projects, it was really refreshing. When passing by one large entertainment facility, the mood is a burst of excitement, looking at the wild duck and swan. Beijing is still quite cold after two heavy snows in winter. The lake in the park is frozen, which also adds a lot of fun to the daily life. The lake has become a large ice rink. From a distance, people are moving and lively. There are still some people flying kites in the square, and the colors are swaying in the high air. The venue next to it has added cute alpacas and sika deer, big eyes, long eyelashes, very smart and cute. Wild duck lake gathered a large number of water birds, green ducks, lizards, black swans, etc., frolicking in the lake, flying from time to time, chasing, in the cold winter here is also a boiling scene."
    Beijing.Yansha Commercial Area
    >100km from Qahar Right Front Banner
    Highlights: Chaoyang Park is found in Beijing's East Fourth Ring. The park is enclosed with lakes, trees, pavilions, and European castles. The environment is a beautiful sight to behold. There are also numerous children's play programs in the park, ideal for relaxing strolls and staying busy. There are several lakes connected to the park. Each lake has a boat dock and you can rent a boat to ride at any of them.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Qahar Right Front Banner?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Qahar Right Front Banner include:Beijing Zoo, China Science and Technology Museum, National Natural History Museum of China, The Geological Museum of China, Happy Valley Beijing
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Qahar Right Front Banner?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Qahar Right Front Banner include:Beijing Zoo:4.5, China Science and Technology Museum:4.6, National Natural History Museum of China:4.6, The Geological Museum of China:4.8, Happy Valley Beijing:4.7
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Qahar Right Front Banner located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Qahar Right Front Banner are mainly located in:Beijing Zoo:Beijing, China Science and Technology Museum:Beijing, National Natural History Museum of China:Beijing, The Geological Museum of China:Beijing, Happy Valley Beijing:Beijing