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Trip.Best Popular Family-friendly Attractions Near Zhenxiong [2024]

Discover the best family-friendly attractions near Zhenxiong. Explore our top picks for family fun and create beautiful memories together!
Updated Jul 2024
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    5326 Review
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    "it very nice from here i recommandvery better for evey oneit very nice from here i recommandvery better for evey one very nice"
    >100km from Zhenxiong
    Highlights: Chongqing Zoo is situated in Yangjiaping in the city's Jiulongpo District. The zoo is home to one of China's national treasures, the panda, of which there are more than in the average zoo. The National Huanan Tiger Breeding Center is also based at the zoo. There is nothing better than visiting the zoo at the weekend with kids to look at the variety of animals. Chongqing Zoo is home to quite a complete range of animals, including giant pandas, giraffes, lions, zebra, elephants, tigers, crocodiles, and apes. If you follow the instructions when you stroll around the zoo, you can see all the animals without walking down the same path twice.
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    "China Tianyan Science Promotion Base is located in Hanglong Village, Kedu Town, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province, covering an area of about 300 hectares, with time towers, squares, astronomical experience halls, memorial halls, Tianjie, playgrounds, food courts, hotels, astronomical towns and other facilities, allowing tourists to experience the astronomical scenery. The base has a swing car to the sky eye viewing (no electronic products are allowed, film cameras can be taken). The science base is now a national 4A-level scenic spot. There are buses to Pingtang County and Guiyang City for self-service."
    >100km from Zhenxiong
    Highlights: Explore the astronomical mysteries of the universe
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    6322 Review
    "The baby's fifth birthday, did not hold a party, brought her to the super flying man training camp, really happy. Some projects can only be experienced by children alone, she said to muster up the courage to be a brave baby. Especially when taking the small train, the children in her car will not untie the seat belt, she told others that they will not, and then she took the initiative to help untie, which must be praised by her. She didn't shout tired after a day, but because she was not tall enough to play a bumper car, she didn't pay attention to the time to miss the latest queue time of the Ferris wheel. She was a little sorry. It is recommended to bring children if it is a weekend or holiday, you can prepare for two days, so that you can play well, because many projects have been queued for a long time."
    Chongqing.Lijia/Happy Valley
    >100km from Zhenxiong
    Highlights: More than 100 attractions to choose from
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    5546 Review
    "Very fun, children like it very much, especially the geocentric exploration, exciting and fun! The bronze sacrifice is very beautiful. I rented a car and there were many people. Otherwise, the queue was still very tired. Overall it is very good! Next time I have the opportunity to go to Fangte Oriental Myth! The hotel at the door is also very convenient, I recommend everyone to stay!"
    Zigong.Fantawild Dino Kingdom/Dinosaur Museum
    >100km from Zhenxiong
    Highlights: Hi-Tech Park Themed Around Dinosaurs and Ancient Culture.Fantawild Dino Kingdom is themed around dinosaurs and ancient Shu culture. Supported by Fantawild’s bold creativity, strong scientific prowess, and advanced technology such as AR, VR, spherical screens and huge screens, visitors can explore and fully immerse themselves in the interactive attractions available at this park. Guests can visit Volcano Valley or explore ancient jungles and marshes seeking excitement and thrills in this fantastic pre-historic world.
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    "The science level is very high. The museum is built on the dinosaur fossil site. There are reduced bones. The fossil is suitable for visiting and learning. It has been a parent-child activity. I like to bring my children together in the future. Zigong is worth reminiscing."
    Zigong.Fantawild Dino Kingdom/Dinosaur Museum
    >100km from Zhenxiong
    Highlights: This museum is in the northeast part of Zigong City, situated on a major dinosaur fossil excavation site in Dashanpu, and is one of a relatively rare number of museums dedicated to dinosaurs. You can learn all sorts of new things about dinosaurs here. The museum has two floors. Eighteen stunning dinosaur skeletons are on display on the first floor, as well as many fossils. On the second floor, sound, light, and electronic models are used to recreate the setting in which the dinosaurs lived.
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  • No.6
    1107 Review
    "It was a fantastic experience to be with you. Thank you, dears! 😍😍"
    Guiyang.Baiyun Park Area
    >100km from Zhenxiong
    Highlights: Guiyang Happy World is located in the northwest of the city. It was converted from the original Baiyun Park and is now an anime-themed amusement park. The park features many attractions, where you can experience thrilling rides such as roller coasters, as well as more relaxing rides like Ferris wheels. Hop on the 108-meter-high Ferris wheel to see the scenery, and then you can participate in family activities, 4D theater, and more!
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  • No.7
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    "Today is very lucky, come on the weekend: catch up with the park fair of Lehe Ledu! There are cute big goose, Huskies and some white parrots, so bringing children to Lehe Ledu on the weekend is definitely a wise choice! The fly in the ointment is the amusement facilities: raincoats are a bit expensive! The food premium in the scenic area is serious, it is recommended to bring your own snacks!"
    Chongqing.Le he Le Du Resort
    >100km from Zhenxiong
    Highlights: Ledu Theme Park is a resort congregate of theme parks. It is composed of different programs such as World Village, Entertainment Paradise, Five-Star Resort, Wildlife World, Liangjiang Holiday Hotel and many othes. The park is home to exciting entertainment facilities as well as children's programs, such as rotating bees, fruit buggy, happy jellyfish and more.
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  • No.8
    1615 Review
    "Very suitable for children to play, the three performances (mermaids, beluga, dolphins) are very exciting, worth the fare. Parking accommodation is very convenient. A little bad is that there are fewer places to eat, and there is only one breakfast, which tastes bad."
    Guiyang.Longdongbao International Airport
    >100km from Zhenxiong
    Highlights: Colorful Guizhou City Polar Ocean World, also known as Longchuan Polar Ocean World, is rich in marine life, and also features a variety of polar animals and animal performances. There are many attractions, such as the Amazon Rainforest area, Marine Reef Fish area, Shark area, Polar World Area, Undersea Tunnel Area, Dream Jellyfish area and “Mermaid” Theater, Dolphin Theater, and other exhibition areas and theaters. It is a great place to bring the family.
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  • No.9
    1269 Review
    "Overall, it is OK, there are some, but the venue is not big. The children are going out for 2 hours. I didn't see the performance, there are also food and sales inside, and I can solve food and clothing after playing for a long time."
    >100km from Zhenxiong
    Highlights: Banan Polar Ocean Park is a large oceanarium and science museum in Chongqing. Visitors can enjoy marine animal displays and interactive experiences. It is a great educational venue to learn about marine life and science. The adjacent waterpark is designed with stories of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" in mind. In the Undersea Tunnel, visitors can watch the Captain Jack Sparrow and the Mermaid performances or they can go to see the thrilling Shark Hunters Show. Go to the Polar Animals Museum to see some adorable penguins.
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    745 Review
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    "Jiayang small train is really recommended to play, very fun, and will also perform steam out of the rainbow. The scenery along the way is also very good, and there are many places to take pictures. The whole trip was about 2 hours."
    Qianwei County
    >100km from Zhenxiong
    Highlights: Jiayang Little Steam Train is a classic narrow-gauge train running near Jiayang Coal Mine in Qianwei County, Sichuan Province. The gauge of the small train is nearly half the gauge of a national standard train. It takes about 2 hours to round-trip along the line. It is the only narrow-gauge steam train in the world that is operated regularly. While sitting on a small train, the rocking and swaying as the train starts and stops is clearly evident, you can truly sense its age. During flower season, you can see a large terrace fields of blooming flowers along the way. The Jiayang Train is an excellent choice for experiencing railway culture.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions near Zhenxiong?
Some Family-friendly Attractions near Zhenxiong include:Chongqing Zoo, Tianyan Telescope, Chongqing Happy Valley, Fantawild Dino Kingdom, Zigong Dinosaur Museum
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Zhenxiong?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions near Zhenxiong include:Chongqing Zoo:4.7, Tianyan Telescope:4.4, Chongqing Happy Valley:4.6, Fantawild Dino Kingdom:4.8, Zigong Dinosaur Museum:4.5
Where are Family-friendly Attractions near Zhenxiong located?
The Family-friendly Attractions near Zhenxiong are mainly located in:Chongqing Zoo:Chongqing, Tianyan Telescope:Pingtang, Chongqing Happy Valley:Chongqing, Fantawild Dino Kingdom:Zigong, Zigong Dinosaur Museum:Zigong