Buy a 16-17 Saver and Get Half-price Train Travel

Save 50% on train travel

No travel time restrictions

No minimum fare requirements

What is the 16-17 Saver?

The 16-17 Saver is a Railcard that offers a 50% discount on most UK rail fares for passengers who are 16 and 17 years old. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can enjoy 50% off Standard Anytime, Off-Peak, Advance, and Season tickets.

How much does the 16-17 Saver cost?

The 16-17 Saver is priced at £30 for one year (or until your 18th birthday, whichever occurs first).

How do I ?

To apply for a 16-17 Saver, you will need to provide the following information:

• Proof of age (UK driving licence/provisional licence, passport, or EEA national ID card)

• A high-quality digital photo of your passport

• Debit or credit card for payment

How to Use the 16-17 Saver on

Use digital Railcards and enjoy discounts of up to 33%, catering to different age groups. Digital Railcards provide a convenient and cost-effective way to book discounted train tickets, making your journeys more affordable.

  • Step 01

    Step 01

    Open the app and tap "Trains" at the top of the homepage

  • Step 02

    Step 02

    Tap "Buy a Railcard" at the bottom of the page

  • Step 03

    Step 03

    Sign in to your account and select a Railcard type that is right for you

  • Step 04

    Step 04

    Enter your personal information and purchase

  • Step 05

    Step 05

    Tap "My Railcards" to view your Railcard

  • Step 06

    Step 06

    Add your Railcard when booking train tickets to enjoy discounts

With your railcard, you can get 1/3 off your train tickets anywhere - not just with
Digital Railcards are also locked to your account, so they can be stored on any devices you use.

Why Buy 16-17 Saver Railcards on ?

No More Switching

No More Switching

You can manage your train tickets and Railcards in one place by adding the digital Railcards to your account. You won't need to switch between apps or dig around for your physical Railcards.


When you add a digital Railcard to your account, it can be stored on any device you use. So you never worry about forgetting or losing your Railcard.
Available at Any Time

Available at Any Time works hard to offer a one-stop service for our users' train travel. By adding a digital Railcard to your account, you can conveniently access your Railcard when needed, e.g. when the ticket inspector checks your ticket.
More Discounts

More Discounts

New users can enjoy up to 50% off when purchasing a digital Railcard on the .

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