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Chaotianhou DriftingClosed

Chaotianhou Drifting

4.6/51312 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Xingshan Can't Miss Attractions
92.2km from Dangyang, Xingshan
"[Scenery] I drove to Xingshan by myself. The scenery along the way is quite nice. I took a few pictures in the car. [Fun] The place where the boat is easy to capsize at the beginning is quite exciting, and the others are relatively gentle. The two eldest brothers were directly overturned and covered at the place where the boat was easy to capsize, and were stunned by the staff to stand in the water! It's thrilling to think about it! So friends must hold hands tight and pedal well! Someone will ask if you want to take a break. We have food and drink, but we don’t have a break, so we don’t know what to eat or drink. It’s said that it’s been changed manually and it’s not as fun as before, but I don’t know, it’s been about an hour and a half. Anyway, my overall experience is pretty good. [Value for money] This thing is cost-effective, free of tickets, and everything is good! I have made an appointment several times, and all of them have been cancelled due to bad weather, so it is best to call the scenic spot first, but the scenic spot will generally notify you in advance! Tips: For self-driving friends, you can buy a larger waterproof bag because you need to put the car key. Mine is small enough to put the mobile phone, because I didn't expect the key to be stuffed inside! I bought it from a treasure. The scenic spot also has shoes (at own expense) but not sandals and slippers. The sneakers I wear directly, with a change of wash. There are also holes in the scenic area (own expense). Drive to the destination by car and take the car to the starting point (10 yuan per person) , Because after bleaching, you can take the clothes and take a shower. It is very convenient. There is hot water in the shower. It is recommended to bring shower gel, shampoo, hair dryer. Finally: If you want to go, let’s take action~"