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4.3/5206 Reviews
Ranked #7 in Rizhao Beautiful Beaches
13.3km from downtown
"We have fully experienced the village through Shunda Fisherman's House living in the village. Of course, it is inseparable from the landlord's brother who carefully explained some play suggestions here. I have a better understanding of the beautiful scenery here, especially the reef park on the east side of the village. We spent the whole day here, because children like to catch crabs. We pick up crabs here when the tide is low, the landlord said , Playing in the sea at low tide, watching the sea at high tide, so we are here when the tide is high, but the scene here is really good, and many wedding photos are taken here. In fact, I didn’t know about the sea before, and I learned through some short video platforms that there is a gap between reality and virtual networks. The little crabs and conch here are all under the rocks, and the children enjoyed it. Every time there will be fishing piers and beaches around the harvest village. The fishing piers are bustling with small fishing boats coming and going. The landlord’s brother helped us purchase discounted sea fishing tickets, which saved us a lot of money. Having come to Rizhao many times, I feel that Renjiatai is a real fishing village. By the way, the seafood cooked by the landlord is very delicious. The seafood is selected one by one. It is very fresh and authentic. It also taught me some knowledge about choosing seafood. Living here is comfortable and relaxing, worry-free and comfortable"