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E46***42The place is really worth the price. So many different fish, dolphins, seal, mermaid show. They also have a fantastic garden and small corner with birds and animals (like a zoo). You can easily spend there 4-5 hours.
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M47***20Free 🆓 Giant Beach 🏖️, 60 yuan ticket 🎫, now free, think about it. You want to take a baby to dig sand, not spending money to play, you must get here, there is no forest in the forest park, don't be too naive, only a forest a beach 🏖️ fine. A group of elk is hidden in the forest, but it has to spend 20 yuan for tickets. If you feed them, you can spend 10 yuan for food. Crocodile 🐊 is too pit. The park is too big, the car can only park at the door, and you can rent an electric car at the entrance of the scenic spot 🛵 bicycle 🚲 turn 40, 60 yuan. The sunrise of this time is very happy, thank you for the warm small row tribe of a Baojia, reliable itinerary customization, rest assured seafood meal, especially the first far-flung fishermen's meal, seafood is too fresh, just steaming and eating with confidence.
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詹姆斯Very busy place,but as a swimmer,there is a nice place to swim back and forth in the ocean. Don't like the lifeguards riding back and forth on their jet skis though. They also smoke on their jets skis and throw cigarette butts into the ocean.
852 Reviews
lingliziIn October of Golden Autumn, National Day holiday, visit Wulian Mountain Scenic Area, located in Wulian County, Shandong, and Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area. Location is superior, convenient transportation. Here is a beautiful environment, dense vegetation, fresh air, you can climb the mountain to exercise the view, close to nature. Come back in late October, the trees will be more beautiful and pleasant to wear autumn clothes.
641 Reviews
320***01There are a lot of reviews in Trip.com, and the photos are also great, but there is a very important hint that the rafting is not open on Monday! The important thing is to say three times: rafting is not open on Monday! rafting is not open on Monday! rafting is not open on Monday! Receive 138 yuan for the ticket to buy the rafting, 1.2~1.4 child 118 yuan, but you still need to buy another disposable raincoat 10 yuan, the most convenient is directly Trip.com set ticket 128, tickets + rafting + raincoat all get Sun Yue College is a broken house, the greatest fun is to meet the monkey feeding monkey, rafting 12: Starting at 30, starting at 13:00, the journey is quite long, but not as exciting as I thought, wearing a raincoat is not very useful, the clothes are still 80% wet glass path, don't go, climb up so high, one person ticket 20, go up for 2 minutes, and not exciting at all, one side is the mountain, On the other side of the glass path, the height is not high, it is the best thing to see the scenery. The Grand Canyon, you must walk once, there are many places to play with water, I feel more fun than the North Jiushui in Qingdao. In short, if the time is tight in the past, Jiuxian Mountain is recommended to play for two days. Especially for the children, the first day Sun Yao College, then drifting, strolling to other attractions, eat a pheasant. The next day, with the child's water gun to play the Grand Canyon, the child has a good time to play for a day, eat a roast sheep at noon, and retreat in the afternoon. There are many villages in the collection, shopping and convenience, the price is fairly reasonable, you don't need to prepare too much food.
680 Reviews
118***92Liujiawan Ganhai Garden has a mu intertidal zone, a thousand mu coastal shelterbelt, a collection of beach resort, beach sports, golf as one, is known as "Asia's largest golden beach, China's first catch sea garden" ---seafood barbecue, seafood self-help, picturesque, beautiful, gold coast, Parent - child paradise!

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Wangjiazao Folk-custom Tourism Holiday ResortRizhao,China

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Xingshi Hot Spring ResortRizhao,China

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Rizhao Fire Fighting Culture ParkRizhao,China

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Rizhao Urban Planning Exhibition HallRizhao,China

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Third BeachRizhao,China

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Jiuxian Mountain Scenic AreaRizhao,China

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Rizhao Travel Tips

About Rizhao

Rizhao is named for being “the first ray of light at sunrise,” and is an important place for the birth of "Longshan Culture.” It is one of the China's regions with a very long history. Rizhao is rich in tourism resources and is world-famous for its “clear sky, blue seas, and golden beaches.” There are 64 kilometers of excellent beaches within its hundred kilometer stretch of coastline which is known as "China's Gold Coast." The newly-developed Olympic Water Sports Park and the famous Lunan Seashore National Forest Park are located here, as well as Wulian Mountain, which is known as being “no less wonderful and graceful than the Yandang Mountains,” and Jiuxian Mountain known as the location of “nine strongholds of the Yellow Sea.” You can enjoy yourself to your heart's content by coming to Rizhao.

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