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Longquan Park (East Gate)Nearby City

Longquan Park (East Gate)

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"City Park"
44.8km from Dangyang,
"I have a long-standing and profound relationship with Jingmen, which stems from the iron porcelain brothers who sleep next door to the university. If it is not for work, it may be difficult to come to this city in central Hubei. Passers-by in the city, speaking with that long-lost accent, made me feel more cordial. I came in the morning and left in the afternoon. Because it was too early for the train to leave, I asked the taxi master to take me to one of the most distinctive places in Jingmen. Later I thought about my question. Fortunately, the master is a serious person. He correctly understood what I meant and brought me here-a place where Jingmen's culture and history are gathered. The park is leaning against mountains and rivers, with beautiful plants and beautiful buildings. It is very pleasant. There is a statue of Lu Jiuyuan at the entrance. Lu Jiuyuan was a frequent visitor in political examinations since childhood, and Zhu Xi and Wang Yangming developed Song Ming Confucianism. They were representatives of idealism criticized by political teachers in my childhood. Although Lu is a native of Jiangxi, he used to serve as an important representative of the Jingmen Army, so he is an important representative of Jingmen. The Xiangshan District of Jingmen is named after his name "Xiangshan Lay". In addition, people from Jingmen have come out in large numbers, Sun Shuao, Yang Youji, Huang Xie, etc. The story of Dangyang Changbanpo is even more popular. Time is in a hurry, watching the flowers, I don't know when I will come again next time. But Jingmen left a deep impression on me, my brother’s home is a kind foreign land, eh. . . Don't think it's a foreign land."