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Things To Do in Newquay

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coo***anI stumbled upon this place while walking in the dock area. What a great find! This is the best layout I have seen so far. Here you can see amazing Mediterranean marine life, the exhibition layout is very reasonable. There are many visitors here, but the space is large, so don't worry about missing anything. The cafe is quite good, the staff are friendly and you can enjoy the beautiful water view.
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D90***87Fistral Beach is a good surfing spot. After being photographed in the sea for 2 hours, someone finally managed to get up on the board and experience the fun of surfing...Thanks to her previous experience of surfing, it is very helpful for the balance of surfing standing , So friends who can play snowboard will learn to surf faster.
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Botanical Garden
M32***23The Eden Botanical Garden is a plant-based park. It is mainly indoor and has good natural lighting. It is worth visiting. Plants and flowers are blooming. It is beautiful. The path planning is also very good, and the sentiment is great!
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Historical Site
WillSumThe style here is a bit similar to the mountains here in France. When the tide goes down one day, you can go out, or you can take a boat. There is only one castle and garden on the island. The area is not very large. After you hand over the tickets to the castle To go up along the trembling road, the location of the church and visual high point on the whole mountain is excellent, you can see the beach and the city view of Penzance
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噼里啪啦[Value for money] Free and open all day, please have fun. [Fun] It's a bit cold in September, and the uncrowded seaside is even less crowded. [Scenery] The coastline is beautiful, especially when it is close to sunset in the afternoon.
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