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Chui MountainNearby City

Chui Mountain

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136.6km from Yancheng,
"Lushan is located on the shore of the Yangtze River, located in Zhenjiang New District Road, Dagang, more than 30 kilometers from Zhenjiang City, and Jiangbei high bridge, Sanjiangying and other places across the river. Probably is a large number of scenic spots and historical sites, in the historical town of Jianglushan few people mention. Speaking of the famous mountains of Zhenjiang, people think of the three mountains firstly: the three mountains of Xiangjin, Jiaoshan and Beigushan. Jinshan, because white woman water and the myth of the Jinshan world famous, Jiaoshan because Jiaoshan monument forest, cliff stone carving and enjoy the reputation of both at home and abroad, Beigushan because Liu Bei recruits relatives, especially Xin Qiji's best biography, "Jingkou Beigushan Huaigu" and Liufang ancient. In the past ten years, with the development of Nanshan construction, Zhenjiang has "to make a fortune to Zhenjiang, Zhenjiang has Jinshan, there is gold to dig; to longevity to Zhenjiang, Zhenjiang has Nanshan, Shoubi Nanshan" the theory, Nanshan reputation is growing. Even the original name of Wufengshan, also known for the construction of the Wufengshan Bridge, a two-purpose suspension bridge across the Yangtze River. The adjacent mountain is still unknown. But if you ask Yangzhong which mountain is closest to? He will tell you without thinking, of course, Lushan! Every morning, dusk, along the Lushan stone steps and wooden paths up and down, 10 of the six are Yangzhong people. Yangzhong people love Lushan, since ancient times, the Huangming Festival (the day after Qingming Festival) climbing Lushan custom. Every time, Yangzhong or tow family with mouth, or in groups, together climbing blessing, like a lively. Just before the bridge across the river, people need to take a boat to, often suffered from overcrowded, foot is trodden, shoes are crowded and lost, one foot."