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The last time I came to the Butchart Garden was the autumn half a year ago, and the garden flowers and dahlias in the garden were full of competition. The most beautiful garden is no exaggeration.

"About Butchart Gardens"
Buchat Garden is actually a private garden. In 1906, Mrs. Butchart, who was operating a cement factory with her husband, wanted to build a dream garden. So she collected the seeds of the world and carefully cultivated them in a deserted cement mine. In 1912, Mrs. Butchart's idea was supported by her husband, and this year she was put into action. She used the seeds collected from around the world to build this dream garden.

Other tips:
Spring Bucharest Garden's tulips, cherry blossoms and plum blossoms are the most beautiful period of the year. The main activities this spring are:
* April 29-22, "Looking for Easter Bunny"
* May 12th "Garden Mother's Day" event
In addition to flower viewing,
English afternoon tea is not to be missed:

English afternoon tea is a tradition in the Butchart Gardens, where you can enjoy a variety of pastries and black tea in the Italian garden loft with floral birds and enjoy the afternoon.

Recommended tea
* Gardens Blend: a wonderful blend of teas with a light taste;
* Bachelor Button: blends Chinese black tea with blue cornflowers;
* Teaberry Blend: A blend of Ceylon black tea with strawberries, blueberries and raisins.
Posted: 24 Apr, 2019
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