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Things To Do in Abazhou

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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
E29***70Absolutely breathtaking and worth fighting the crowds for. Most tourists there ride the park bus between each attraction, so if you walk along the beautiful walkways instead there will be considerably less people. There is no food to purchase inside the park so bring lunch and snacks, just not instant noodles as it is very hard to find hot water.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
E29***70Beautiful. The pools extend for almost 3km down the mountain. I don’t like taking the cable car and prefer to hike up and down, but there is only one walkway, so it’s worth getting the cable car up and walking down. Bring lunch, very little food to purchase inside.
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E32***63You must be very well-prepared to wear warm clothing to visit Bipeng valley even during autumn time because it is very cold up the mountains. The latitude is high and visitors may want to prepare oxygen bottles too. I suggest to cater a full day to visit Bipeng valley. There are rest stops that sell food and drinks.
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山海行shanhaiWe went to Shuangqiao Valley, we were lucky, the weather was great, this scenery made my mother's hand remnants into a photography master. Give some photography advice. There is a dam on the way up, there are many sheep, the background is also good for selfies with sheep, or with grassland flowers to feed the sheep, and interact with sheep, such a photo is interesting. Then will pass a viewing spot, there is a platform with the banner, on the viewing platform, that four mountains is the four girls mountain, at that time did not know, I checked the four girls mountain shape only to contrast. So can only go to Shuangqiao Valley friends do not regret, here can see Siguniang Mountain. With the help of the room symmetry above the platform, can take good pictures. There is also along the road, with mobile phone recording of the road video, beautiful, do not believe you try. The meadow along the road can be climbed, carefully observed, some have paths, although the road is not good, but the scenery above is definitely worth it. Put the selfie stick down, you can take pictures of the blue sky, alpine meadow and yourself. Although you can't see the Siguniang Mountain, the scenery is also very good. The inside is a bit cold in the morning, but it will be fine if you take thick clothes. We brought three down jackets, basically not much to wear, and I am tired to death when I carry it, so it will not be cold when I have the sun. The back of the path is very good. Then there is the Potala Peak, the grassland there, a lot of stone, with a plastic bag, sit on the cushion, take a photo, the position is far away, meditation, good effect, and will not dirty light color clothes. Sigunacuo, go to the opposite of the lake, there is a bridge with no water sitting on it, take a side, take a good view, very cool. The railings are also taken for photos, but don't sit on the lake. There is a bump, not high, can take umbrella jumping down, video recording, screenshot, can take interesting photos. Science base, three net red punching points, sky mirror in the upstairs, sky ladder in the back of the building, ring on the front, the effect is very good. Sky mirror in the corner, a small platform, not very easy to find, attention to ha, mirror and I have to take pictures to look good, adjust the angle more than try. Ginseng Guoping, the video took a half-body close view, the snow mountain is the background, blowing the dandelion, and then slow the speed of the video, very fairy tale is very dreamy. It is recommended to wear color clothes, equipment, I brought an umbrella, Dunhuang Wenchuang red umbrella, when taking photos of the props are very good. It is not convenient to eat inside, you can bring your own hot food.
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_FB***15A new attraction from China, Dagu Glacier Height 4860M above sea level is very beautiful and cold place. The scenic is also beautiful.
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丸子麻Although May Day is not the season of flowers, but the sun is golden yellow with blue sky and water, the snow goats snail in the distance, a variety of birds flying around, let people feel relaxed. Tickets include sightseeing cars, and it takes 5 minutes to get on the bus in the scenic spot. Come down along the path, the ring shaped, and walk for about an hour or two throughout the journey. It is the most beautiful to walk to the place with Haizi. There are many seats along the way, and the sitting area even has music. There is one or two toilets and one in the bus area. Reminder, the wind is super strong, the sun is shining, it is best to wear sunglasses, hats and windshield clothing.