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Historical Architecture
Featured Neighborhood
sarah小piuThe gate below the Bahá’í Gardens is facing Ben Gurion Street. There are beautiful restaurants and coffee shops on both sides of the street. If you look closely, you will find many signs in German. Yes, it was established in 1868. German expatriate area. At the end of the 19th century, Protestants from southwestern Germany came here. They tried to speed up the coming of Christ. Known as the "templars", they established diaspora areas in Palestine, and also introduced a lot of new technology and agriculture. The idea spread to the local. However, in 1939, the British detained them as citizens of enemy countries, and later joined the Nazis, but most of them fled to Australia. Today's German Diaspora is the best restaurant area in Haifa. Looking up at the Bahá'í Gardens and overlooking the ship pier, the scenery is still very good.
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沂然自乐Very clean, convenient transportation and complete facilities. The sand is particularly fine. From June to October, the water temperature is just right, the waves are not big, and swimming in the water is great. There are restaurants along the coast, a water bar, eating and drinking, it’s pretty cozy
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Ancient Settlement
sarah小piuAncient City of Acre English is Akko or Acre, Google translates as Akri, but most translations are Akko. The ancient city of Acre has towering earth walls and deep trenches. Both the church bell tower and the underground passage attract tourists from all over the world. It was included in the World Cultural Heritage List in 2001. Akha is located 23 kilometers north of Haifa. It has been the main port in Palestine from ancient times to the 19th century. After the development of Haifa, it gradually replaced its position. The transportation from Haifa to Acre is very convenient. It takes about half an hour to get there by train. Then use Google app to search for local transportation. There are different routes of buses to reach. It is very convenient if you have a bus card. Pay attention to the different closing times of various attractions in the ancient city, so try not to arrive too late. Akha has a long and complex history. The ancient city once contained the main prison in Palestine. In 1948, Jews easily controlled this place and expelled about three-quarters of the Arabs from Akha. Now Akha is also a mixed religion. About 70% of the residents of the city are Jewish and 30% of the residents are Arabs, but the residents living in the ancient city of Acre are basically Arabs. After arriving at the visitor center, visitors can choose different attractions to buy tickets, and there are also different options for package tickets. Personally, the must-visit attractions are the city wall, the knight's hall and the temple tunnel. Some architects once said that the ancient city of Akha has palace-style mansions, ordinary residential houses, and many public buildings and small workshops. They look crowded together, but they all have detailed planning. Their style and height are unified. Yes, the criss-crossing of alleys has been carefully designed, so you can only feel the excitement of the ancient city of Acre only if your parents and children are here.
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Historical Site
Ancient Settlement
E34***57the most beutiful beach ive ever been to. make sure you have a good camera...!! the best tome to go is at sunset.
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狮子国女王Mount Carmel-a mountain range located in northern Israel. This beautiful mountain range facing the Mediterranean Sea is mentioned in the Bible. There have been battles between sects in history. There is the Elijah Memorial Hall on the top of the mountain. Mount Carmel is in many places. It is considered a sacred mountain in religion, and it represents the role of world heritage.
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17 Oct, 2021 Haifa Weather: Partly Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 61%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:45/18:05
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