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Things To Do in Hongyuan

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woolynn50The white river flows in the form of S on the open grassland, like a crescent moon, standing on the riverside horses, eating grass leisurely, tails, making the grassland more quiet... Once you reach the first stop in the Red Plains, there are not too many people, ticket 58, take a sightseeing bus to the path, you can see the Moon Bay, Unfortunately, the sky is not beautiful, there are more dark clouds, the scenic spot is not big, you can also ride horses and play ziplines, generally speaking, it is ok.
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woolynn50In 1960, Zhou Enlai named Hongyuan County, which means the steppes that the Red Army had walked through. This historic town has rich meadows and rich Tibetan customs. . . So I drove to eat beef soup pot dinner, the hotel rested for a while, to the city center for a walk, the Yinzhu Square is the center, locals dance here, some lights by the river, okay...
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dqb紫荆花The scenic spot is quite perplexed, it has been built very well, the weather is too good, and the sunshine is strong. Net celebrities punch in, and there are not too many people, so there is no need for long lines. It is the ticket booked by Ctrip, but there is no discount, which is a little regrettable.
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碉堡的九哥Jiuqu Yellow River 1st curve: The Yellow River twists and turns in Tangke Township, Ruoergai County, Sichuan Province, and merges with the Baihe River, forming the first grand turn of the Jiuqu Yellow River. The wetland scenic spot is suitable for shooting 📷 reflections. Location: Tickets for the Intersection of Tangke Township and Baihe in Ruoergai County, Sichuan Province: 💰 and the elevator to the top ticket total 105/person, the summit is still quite high! Personally, the ticket is still worth the sunset. 19:20-20:10 whole process 🌅 and Yuyao 🌄 will go down the mountain, because the downhill path will go for a long time, and the sun will be cool as soon as it disappears 💨 can go to the Rogergaitanke accommodation 🏠 at night, and go to other attractions the next day. 🌈[!][!][!] Note: 1⃣ The temperature difference in the plateau is very large ☁, you must bring thick clothes, preferably down jacket or cotton jacket, shoes choose to walk. 2⃣ Take pictures and wear recommendations, make straw hat sunglasses, match bright colored dress 👗, white or red are the bright presence in the grassland. 3⃣ At an altitude of more than 3000 meters, remember to prepare the drug to prevent the altitude reaction. Don't exercise vigorously 🏃 4⃣ Do a good sunscreen ☀ Sunscreen for two hours, even if it is cloudy, UV rays are very strong 5⃣ Road condition is very good, all are oil roads, But animals on both sides of the grassland may hatch, or meet herdsmen with cattle and horses 🐴 across the street, you need to drive carefully ❗❗ to let the animals go first. Northwest Sichuan and West Sichuan are good places for summer tourism and graduation trips! ! The scenery is pleasant and the weather is comfortable 🍀# Sichuan Surrounding Tour # Sichuan West Travel # Yellow River Jiuqu First Bay
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_FB***15A new attraction from China, Dagu Glacier Height 4860M above sea level is very beautiful and cold place. The scenic is also beautiful.
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Lxy60July the red plain is the most beautiful season of the year, the grassland area is vast, the grassland is abundant, the local Tibetan-Tuo people in order to protect the grassland to protect the Yangtze River has been active action, "protect the Yangtze River, love my nature" has been deeply popular. The present red plain is called "gold and silver beach" on the plateau.