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Things To Do in Kushiro

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乐吃购Lake Akan not only has the famous green algae, it is also a favorite spot for viewing autumn leaves in Japan! In addition to boat trips and walks on the lake, you can also rent bicycles to enjoy the beauty of the lake elegantly. There are also many legends of the aborigines of Hokkaido, the Ainu tribe. In addition, it is also a famous summer resort in summer!
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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
M38***13Lake Akan Hot Spring Street is connected to Lake Akan Hot Springs. The straight street is right by the lake. The wooden houses on both sides are rich in color. The most unique feature is the characteristics of the aboriginal Ainu people. There are restaurants, souvenirs, handicraft shops and restaurants. The amount of barbecue is a lot of unrestrained, very enjoyable, the Ainu wood carvings are very exquisite, large and small, the price is very expensive, watching more will cause aesthetic fatigue, that is to say, it is too commercial.
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City Park
Observation Deck
Geological Sites
隨時出走Kushiro Wetland Park is the largest wetland in Hokkaido. Here you can see the dying red-crowned cranes and the people who have been raised artificially. They say that they are good for protection, but is it really good to stop the nature of the animals? Or to increase the tourist visit Economical? However, you will occasionally see free red-crowned cranes here. I wonder if it is dangling out of the cage, or it is not easy to beg for food in the wild?
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木雨川Everything is just right, the setting sun is converging its dazzling light, spreading the beautiful Luosha on the sky, on the river, and on the snow. In the cold, it appears quiet and soft. At this time, our faces have also frozen into big red apples, echoing the afterglow of the setting sun.
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木雨川Dadong is the main residence of red-crowned cranes. Although the red-crowned cranes look like a fairy that does not eat fireworks, they actually love corn. When they first arrived here, they ate the dealers of Ms. Watanabe TOME in a mess. Since 1963, Ms. TOME and her son have insisted on feeding red-crowned cranes, this special feeding area.
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National Park
享旅世界What makes Akan National Park a favorite place for Japanese tourists? In fact, Akan National Park is a big concept. With Lake Akan as the center, volcanoes, lakes and virgin forests are distributed. The entire park consists of a series of lakes such as Lake Akan, Lake Mashu, Lake Kussharo, volcanic landscapes such as Sulphur Mountain, and cultural landscapes such as Ainu Village.