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Things To Do in Lanling

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M48***03Overall good, suitable for family elderly and children, there are sightseeing cars, there are also scan code bikes but expensive, Tian'anmen Square in the agricultural park is shaped like a pound, the tomato in the park is very good, 10 yuan a catty!
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M48***03Feel the historical charm of Lanling County, to experience the homely and unsophisticated customs of Dun, taste the sweet and deep-seated spring water, eat a bowl of Niang Tofu, experience the farmhouse special package, listen to the wonderful performance of the national culture, intoxicate it...
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Ancient Settlement
M25***94When I first entered the ancient city, I felt like Lijiang. The small bridge is flowing water. The typical Jiangnan water town scenery. I stayed for two nights, I felt that I was more than Lijiang, I still didn't finish it, if I had the opportunity, I must live for a few more days. The beauty of the ancient city is beautiful, one step a view, night scene is especially good, there are many museums are very worth a visit; the other is the swaying boat style, gently swaying on the water, while watching the scenery while listening to the boat girl soft and beautiful song, is very enjoyable; Third, the show performance is rich and varied, the quality is very good, it is memorable; fourth, the ancient city is very comfortable to eat and live, really let people feel happy.
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205***02Mengchong District is quite special. Going on holiday. The crowd is relatively large. I only saw the mermaid show and some children have fun. Adults can rest. There is not much to eat, but ***. There are many import supermarkets at the door. Russian supermarket is worth going.
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Botanical Garden
E54***11it’s very nice and I have enjoyed linyi city is good business city linyi have nice people also very friendly and kind
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九卍州Aishan has a long history. In ancient times, it was said that "the top of the country, Mount Tai; the top of Pi, Aishan". This mountain was the mountain of the "Zhen Country" of the ancient Xu State, and it was once cast with the word "Ai". It is also said that the god Ai was born once in 60 years. The local people prayed for auspicious blessing, so it was called Aishan. Because the nine peaks are connected together and meandering, like nine giant dragons lying on each other, it is also called Jiulong Mountain.