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Things To Do in Linyi

3,198 Reviews
wxy991108Last year, the first stop of Shandong trip, full of expectations, but more disappointed. Because of the epidemic, tourists can not follow in, but batches into, wait for nearly 20 minutes, there is a guide, but not much explanation, quickly brought to the rafting place, her guide work is over, in the rafting place point a few tourists to rafting. That's not a good feeling.
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M19***28Cuizhu does not allow four times flowers, ordinary life is more glitzy! Green bamboo forest hidden hut, households are on the spring, green stone path through the ancient spring, green bamboo lush! Beautiful time, amazing years, the time of circulation, have become the beautiful embellishment on the way to life, see bamboo, see spring, see me in your eyes, quiet, silent is a good scenery. Zhuquan Village is the most caressing the people of the mortal!
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_We***12Summer self-driving tour through navigation to Ginza Tianmeng Scenic Area, through the preparation of the strategy in advance, after coming, the actual feeling is better! It takes about 5 hours to climb the mountain, cableway, glass trestle, etc., but be prepared for sunscreen in summer! The scenery is unique here!
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D26***50beautiful near to nature peaceful i want to visit this place often highly recommend.
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Hot Springs Resort
M41***49Outdoor hot springs, large and small hot springs, and amusement parks. I was going to take my children to play with the surf pool, but I did not play the pool on the day. The playground is general, there are very few facilities, a little old. Overall, it is still good, you can play for a long time with children. There are also places to swim.
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Botanical Garden
E54***11it’s very nice and I have enjoyed linyi city is good business city linyi have nice people also very friendly and kind