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Things To Do in Leshan

26,649 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
CoreybBakerwe stayed a few nights on top of the mountain to hike and see the mountain change. best part was early morning and late afternoons when most visitors had left the mountain.
14,440 Reviews
Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
NicoleenIt's definitely a must see! Beautiful scenery and nice walk. It's amazing to think the work that went into creating the Giant Buddha. We went early morning so it was quite and peaceful.
2,262 Reviews
Observation Deck
_GG***23Golden Summit was amazing! The temple had a lot of dedicated pilgrims which gave a very holy, spiritual atmosphere to this sacred mountain. I also saw beautiful sea of clouds, buddha's ray and snow mountain and the beautiful sunrise and sunset! This is the best place in Emeishan! One of the highlights to my Sichuan trip!
1,411 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
E27***14We had a good sleep and hot spring was great with many choices. It was clean as there were not many people.
752 Reviews
Cable Car
M56***00Well worth going! Although getting up earlier, the cloud sea sunrise was a real surprise! We opted for the cable car and walked down the hill, although the ride was a bit long, but the views were beautiful that the cable car couldn't feel
610 Reviews
Other Sightseeing Tours
商隐俊Jiayang train is very fun, for people who are used to modern vehicles such as high-speed rail, a unique experience. A little soot smell, not difficult to accept. It's fun to go down the well, we also experienced the coal, and dug a piece of it to take out as a souvenir. Overall very good. Yuanwei Bus Station has a bus to Mitsui, and a taxi is about 40-50 yuan. The return trip can wait for the bus, or you can call the local people to return to the train starting point of 30, or 100 directly back to Yuewei County. The train does not need to take a round trip, one way.