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13,538 Reviews
占姆士A prefect hide out from the city, love it. I will go back to the place again.
1,348 Reviews
Grace_cytFrom the small seven holes out is the big seven holes of the scenic gate, to visit the big seven holes can choose to walk or boat, we choose to take a boat in, walk out. After entering the gate, the left-hand side of the dock to get on the boat, after disembarking, walk to the deep. Walking through the Terror Gorge, actually not terrible, to the Natural Bridge, this is a natural formation of the bridge-like attractions, spectacular! Shock! Going through the Natural Bridge and going deep is the Monster Wind Cave. Listen to the scenic staff say that it is an underground karst cave, but it has been closed since 2018, so we did not continue to walk, cross the river and walk back from the other side. The whole Big Seven孔 has been strolling down for about 1 and a half hours.
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Ancient Settlement
M27***68The ancient town of Libo is a major feature of Libo. Its architectural style also reflects the style and customs of many ethnic groups. It is also a good check-in point to the ancient tourist town of Libo. The various foods inside are also overwhelming and the transportation is convenient. It is clean and tidy, and the people are hospitable.
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Geological Sites
lyn0919Maolan, here is a rare karst forest, green forest and water, is the hiking seek natural wild paradise, fantastic. The peaks and peaks in the scenic area, the streams are crisscrossed, the original forests are dense, the karst landscape forms mountains, water, forests, caves, waterfalls and stones are integrated, showing the harmonious unity of the karst forest ecological environment, is the unique ecological wonders of the same latitude region of the earth and the karst region of the world.
407 Reviews
YikitaVery cool experience! Stunning scenery with wild rapids. Sturdy boats and professional staff. There’s a beer/bbq pit stop along the way where you can have a refreshing swim in the most wonderfully clear water. We paid 210 per person cos we had a two-man raft with no guide. Highly recommend it!
241 Reviews
Geological Sites
杰憨憨Overall: Recommended, I heard that it is called Xiaojiuzhai, but the first half of the journey is really plain, the closer to the seven hole bridge behind, the better the scenery, especially the multi-level waterfall and water forest, very nice, the seven hole bridge is too many people, there is a boating actor will pass the seven hole, Those who like photography must remember to capture especially interesting. Line: Two lines, East Gate and West Gate, it is recommended to live in West Gate, enter from West Gate, West Gate parking lot is super big, want to stop how to stop, then visit Xiaoqikong on the way, then take a car in Xiaoqikong to Daqikong, personally feel that Daqikong scenery is more spectacular, take a boat to go back to West Gate.

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Libo Maolan National Nature ReserveQiannan,China

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Libo Zhangjiang Scenic AreaQiannan,China

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Libo Shuichun River RaftingQiannan,China

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Yao LuyaozhaiQiannan,China

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Yuanyang LakeQiannan,China

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Da Qikong Scenic AreaQiannan,China

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About Libo

Libo (荔波) County, in southern Guizhou Province, is jurisdictionally part of the Qiannan Bouyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. The South China Karst, which includes Libo, was named a World Heritage Site in 2007, giving Libo the distinction of being the first World Natural Heritage Site in Guizhou. As home to a concentration of minority peoples, Libo is steeped in rich ethnic customs and traditions. Libo has been described as an emerald on the world's waistband. Main attractions here include the Shuichunhe (水春河) Gorge Scenic Area, the Zhangjiang (樟江) Scenic Area, the Daqikong (大七孔) Scenic Area, and the Xiaoqikong (小七孔) Scenic Area. The scenery here is truly magnificent.

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19 Oct, 2021 Libo Weather: Overcast, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 100%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:49/18:18
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