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Things To Do in Lingbao

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438 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
老白's location is very inaccurate, it is not a place at all. This special need to be pointed out. Then I called the scenic spot and told the location. The person who went to the door for the first time is absolutely not convinced that it is the gate of the scenic spot. My picture is. There is no instruction from Hanguguan at all. The whole scenic spot is over-exploited. The main thrust is false. The place where Laozi worked is worth learning Taoist culture, I hope that there will be more interactive content in this area. Worth praise. The place of culture. The last finished downstairs, there are places to learn, about the history of Hanguguan. 100 yuan for the tour guide, it is recommended, it is said very well.
82 Reviews
National Park
智能jackWhen I go, the parking fee is 10 yuan, climbing up the mountain, the entrance fee is 40, and the elderly over 60 years old are 20 yuan, and the new road down the mountain is 20 yuan by car. Don't go up the mountain and take the car! ! ! ! Otherwise miss a lot of scenes! Would be meaningless
32 Reviews
Taoist Temple
M24***88Yawu Mountain has beautiful mountains and clear waters, dense vegetation, the source of the legendary Taoism of Emperor Zhenwu, the excitement of high mountain rafting, the wonderful glass suspension bridge, all kinds of amusement facilities are well-known and well-known, worthy of visitors to experience
28 Reviews
九芒星的钥匙Swallow Mountain in the eyes of tourists, beautiful mountains, water moving peach red willow green to know the spring, river and stream xiao chun feelings. Spring is strong, how many tourists can not hold out to go out to the spring of the mind, came to the swallow mountain play! Swallow Mountain is only 15 kilometers away from the city, for the people who rarely go out, want to travel out but worry about too tired, definitely the best choice! Swallow Mountain, appreciate a side of the landscape, feel the true meaning of life. That mountain, although not the majestic and magnificent, but also not mediocre, with the original ecological natural scenery, beautiful peaks, heavy rocks, hidden sky and sun. From the midnight, not Ramadan. There are more numerous national protection animals in the forest to grow and live, together to protect the mountain! Through the virgin forest, enjoy the forest bath, the full length 2.66 km forest walkway is one of the largest forest baths in the country, here, walk through the virgin forest alone, breathe deeply, send the mountains and waters in leisure, there is water in the mountains, there are mountains in the water, mountains and waters hug each other, beautiful like Penglai Wonderland, you are in it, you are the fairy! The water is more spiritual because of the beautiful scenery of the swallow mountain. She has no yellow river, the Yangtze River waves, but has clear bottomless and not contest! Two streams running like jade belts, with a size of more than 10 waterfalls, like a mother to nourish the land, wandering in pursuit of dream valley, accompanied by the stream, pursuing the true meaning of life! Water has spirituality, human feelings, enjoy the rafting to bring us a thrill is also a feeling! Swallow Mountain has the best water quality, the most environmental protection of the rafting project, rafting the whole forest cover, no sun ultraviolet radiation, the exclusive cracked "upper sunburn, the lower body soaked up" world-class problems. Men all the way laugh, women all the way scream, more lively and extraordinary! Mountains are affectionate and beautiful, water has righteous and flexible, swallow mountain, a true health and blessing!
28 Reviews
李大哥,Huangdi casts Dings in Lingbao City Yangping Town, 80 kilometers from Sanmenxia City. "History records. Feng Shushu" records, the ancient times of the Songshan area serious disaster, Huangdi heard from Kunlun Mountain to Songshan to see, in order to refine Xiandan to the people to cure the disease, he daggers the copper, water, casting Ding under Songshan. This is today's casting of the ding tungsten.
21 Reviews
世界美食游走达人The first peak of the Central Plains in Hanshan, Lingbao Guxian Town, with an altitude of 2202 meters. It is one of the intangible cultural heritages announced by Henan Province. The original natural scenic area has not been fully developed. There is no cable car to protect the knees. , We didn’t climb to the top, we just climbed to the first viewing platform, overlooking the Jiuqu Yellow River in the distance, watching the legend that when Wang Mang chased and killed Liu Xiu, Liu Xiu once hid in a cave...

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Hangu Pass Historical and Cultural Tourism ZoneSanmenxia,China

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Yellow Emperor MausoleumSanmenxia,China

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Yawu Mountain National ParkSanmenxia,China

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Yanzi MountainSanmenxia,China

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Xihua ParkSanmenxia,China

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Lingbao Niangniang MountainSanmenxia,China

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Lingbao Travel Tips

About Lingbao

Lingbao City is located in western Henan where the three provinces of Shaanxi, Shanxi, and Henan meet. It has been honored as a “City of Gold,” the “Apple Capital,” a “Cradle of Taoism,” and a “Superior Sight-Seeing Destination.” Located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, the area of Lingbao City is the site of relatively early human activity and development. The area is also rich in ancient tombs and archaeological sites because of its location between the ancient capitals of Chang’an and Luoyang.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Lingbao
18 Oct, 2021 Lingbao Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 77%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:44/17:59
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